Useful Application Interface Design Techniques

Though application interface design is essentially web design, it focuses more on the functionalities of an app rather than the graphics and visuals.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-05-15 14:43:00

At its most basic, application interface design is web design. Nevertheless, its specific emphasis is on functionality, rather than the graphics and visuals of the app.

A growing number of applications are making their way onto the internet. To keep up with the competition of desktop applications, web applications must be simple and intuitive whilst offering responsive user interfaces that enable users to get things done with absolute ease and efficiently.

Design Solutions that Matter

With application interface design, simplicity is vital. Avoid incorporating complex controls onto a page at a given time, as this will put the user off and lead them to either exiting the application or spending a great deal of time figuring out how to use the interface. With less choice, the functions presented are far more appealing and apparent.

Keeping things Simple

To simplify the interface it is essential to hide or conceal any advanced functionalities. Establish which of your functions are most commonly used and keep them visible. The rest should be hidden away with pop-up menus and controls. Filters can easily be found by users with one or two clicks while keeping the interface clean and easy to use.

Disabling Pressed Buttons

Web applications often encounter issues with submission forms. If you click on the submit button too quickly or more than once, the form is submitted twice which creates problems with duplicated content.

To avoid this you can incorporate a checking process that ensures all duplicated content is blocked during the checking process. Alternatively, the ‘submit’ button can be disabled automatically the moment it is clicked once.

Not only should an application interface design look appealing but it also needs to be useful at the same time. Pages should be designed that contain a valuable message detailing how the user can get started. Provide a link to an appropriate page giving the user more information. This will motivate users and encourage them to try out your services.

Embedded Videos

Though images and high quality content creation play an important role in appealing to your users and teaching them about your app’s features, videos are a fantastic alternative that are sharply gaining in popularity across the web. They allow you to showcase your product’s features and also teach users how to use certain features.

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