Top 8 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for B2B and B2C

Looking for proven growth marketing strategies? Read on for the top 8 most effective ways to promote your business.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2022-07-12 08:37:00

Content marketing

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing information that resonates with prospective customers. The goal is to attract your target audience at different stages of the buyer journey, whether through web pages, videos, blog posts, webinars, infographics or e-books.

Content marketing is a great way to increase organic search traffic, augment your status as an expert, and generate trust between consumers and your brand. It gives your brand a clearly defined personality, while closing the gaps in the conversion funnel.

Social Media Marketing

The focus here is on providing users with valuable – and shareable content across various social networks, with the goal being to increase visibility and enhance website traffic. Social media shares not only promote your brand to others but influence SEO efforts too.

One major benefit of social media marketing is the reduction of marketing spend. Brands become more ‘humanised’ which in turn increases leads and encourages conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO remains a popular and effective means of increasing awareness about a particular website. With good SEO, your website stands a better chance of ranking higher in search engine rankings.

Since SEO continues to evolve, it’s vital that your business remains afloat of the latest changes to ensure your business continues to rank well in appropriate searches.

Earned Media

Earned media, also known as free media, is publicity generated through unpaid efforts, such as social media testimonials, word of mouth, or offline mentions (radio, TV or print media). Earned media is free and organic, thus enhancing the perceived credibility of the brand.

Paid Media Advertising

This is a tool that companies use to increase web traffic. One of the most renowned methods in pay per click (PPC) links, where a company buys a link that appears as an add on Google or other search engines. When the ad is clicked, the company pays the search engine a small fee for the visitor, hence the term ‘pay per click.’

Email Marketing

This is an effective way to nurture and ultimately convert leads. It’s an automated process that targets pre-determined prospects; the aim is to influence those prospects into making a purchase.

To determine email marketing success, you need to measure open rates and click-through rates. Strategy is important here, especially when email marketing is used alongside other, bigger digital marketing initiatives.

Online Marketing

Also known as internet marketing, this is a combination of web and email advertising designed to drive e-commerce sales. Social media may also come into play here to elevate brand presence and promote products or services. In particular, when a customer speaks highly of a brand on social media, this is an incredibly powerful marketing endeavour. People trust word-of-mouth reviews, and they can easily increase brand credibility while spurring leads.


Brand storytelling involves communicating with current and potential customers to engage with them on an emotional level. Once people are hooked with a memorable story about a brand and its activities, this creates positive associations with that brand. By humanising your brand, this helps it to attract the right audience, thus enhancing their likelihood of shopping with that brand not just once, but numerous times.

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