Top 6 tips to Improve your Web Design

Follow these 6 easy tips to create an improved web design that is easy to navigate through, easy on the eye and compelling to the audience.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-05-10 09:18:00


A high-quality web design can make a world of difference to the success of your business. With a top web design, you will get lower bounce and exit rates as well as higher conversions. To contrast, a poorly designed website will bring you high abandonment levels and low sales.

Follow these simple web design techniques outlined below to ensure that your visitors stay on your website for longer and make a purchase.

1.       Have a Professional Logo 

Your logo goes hand in hand with your brand so ensure that it is memorable, beautiful and polished. It gives your business a visual identity and blends the name of the company with the imagery. Place your logo at the top left-hand corner of every page on your site and make sure your logo links back to your homepage so that your entire site is easy to navigate through.

2.       Keep things Clean

It’s so easy to create a complex, image-heavy website but this simply puts viewers off, encouraging them to leave your site. Keep everything clean with plenty of white space, so that the brain can easily process the content of your site. Minimise the number of graphics, photographs and animated gifs featured on your site, to keep viewers’ attention on the content that matters.

3.       Space Out your Content

Keep paragraphs short and don’t overload your site with pages and pages of heavy content. Include generous spacing between your paragraphs and images to enable viewers to absorb your content more easily.

4.       Be Strategic with Colour

Colour in marketing and branding is very influential, encouraging consumers to react in a certain way. Whichever colour you use on your site, keep it consistent throughout, using it strategically on headlines and graphics to guide visitors to the most important content. Ensure that your colour system complements your logo throughout the pages of your site.

5.       Be Selective about Font

Make sure that the font you use reads well across all devices. Many of today’s internet users are browsing from mobile phones, iPads and laptops of different sizes, so make sure that everything is completely consistent. Avoid fancy fonts in unusual colours. Instead, pick an easy-to-read typeface that is no smaller than size 11.

6.       Test Everything First

Always test everything before executing it live. User testing can help you to relentlessly improve your web design by gaining feedback from those that matter. Above all else, it can make a huge difference to your overall return on investment. 

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