Top 5 Online Marketing Techniques that Work

This article outlines 5 of the most popular online marketing techniques that have the power to appeal to a massive target market & boost revenues.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-03-11 18:21:00

Most businesses today have an in-depth online marketing strategy. Without one you will be missing out on a huge potential target market. Your marketing strategy will without doubt include a content marketing strategy to enable you to successfully deliver your brand. 

Some of the most successful online marketing techniques include:

1.       Business Blogging

Business blogging is today a highly popular marketing technique that helps your business appeal specifically to your target market. By creating niche, interesting and informative articles you can engage with your audience on a regular basis and cement your position as a leader in your industry of operation.

Ensure that all blogs are well-written with excellent spelling and grammar, as this is picked up on by Google and other search engines. Write headlines that will appeal to readers and persuade them to click through to learn more.

2.       e-Books

E-books are a great content marketing tactic and very easy to do. You can either merge your current blog posts to create a single e-book or create one from scratch. E-books are becoming increasingly popular and are great for improving brand awareness, provided they are well presented, written and formatted.  People enjoy downloading e-books as they are convenient to access and provide a lot of variety.

3.       Email Marketing

This is one of the most successful forms of online content marketing as it provides an ideal way to promote your company and provide useful content to your current and potential clients. Email marketing is also inexpensive to produce and is an effective way to keep people informed about the latest goings on at your business.

4.       Webinars & Webcasts

As society becomes increasingly visually-orientated, more and more people are turning to webinars and webcasts for information and inspiration. They are the ideal way to promote your latest product or service and have the potential to reach out to a wide target market.

5.       Video Marketing

As mentioned above, the visual is becoming a highly effective online marketing strategy. People love watching videos and they are easy to find thanks to websites such as YouTube, which are also accessible from mobile devices. If executed correctly, a video has the power to connect emotionally with viewers which can thus lead to an increase in sales. Finally, videos are more likely to be shared on people’s social media profiles.

Summing Up

As you can see there are countless online marketing strategies that have the power to appeal to a massive target market. By using just one or two of the above-mentioned tactics, you can influence your followers and boost the chances of them buying your products or services.

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