Top 4 Tips when Using Targeted SMS Services

Targeted SMS services are a strategic marketing technique that compels customers to take action. They are cost-effective, immediate and effective.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-06-13 18:33:00

Targeted SMS services are offline marketing techniques that have the potential to really pack a punch. If carried out correctly, they have can quickly compel your customers to take action, whether by visiting your store, navigating to your website or arranging an appointment with you. Targeted SMS services are a compelling, effective marketing strategy that has the power to make a huge difference.

Major corporations from across the globe including Starbucks, Coca Cola and Macy’s use SMS marketing as a way to engage with millions of clients from across the globe in an almost immediate manner.

What are the benefits of targeted SMS services?

There are endless benefits to using targeted SMS services. First of all, these services can be sent to an endless amount of users immediately. They are cost-effective, easy to create and incredibly easy to track. You will witness results within no time at all, resulting in strong lead generation that is difficult to achieve through other marketing measures.

However successful mobile marketing requires a number of elements, as outlined below...

Be clear in your intentions

Sending targeted SMS messages is one thing but if your call to action is not made abundantly clear, your message will be deleted straight away. Keep your message clear and concise so that readers understand what action you want them to take. Keep it simple, keep it clear, keep it brief.

Take into account the time of day

Respect the time of day in which you send a message; first thing in the morning is too early, and any time after 8pm is far too late. Likewise if you have a special offer that expires within a limited timeframe, be sure that your clients hear about it before it’s too late.

Know your Audience

When sending messages it is vital that your company’s branding and voice are heard through that message. When using the limited number of characters available to you, make sure that you speak in a voice that is familiar to your clients. Avoid being too proper, pretentious or unnatural.

Concentrate on building long-term relationships

Finally, your intentions through targeted SMS services are not to achieve a one-off marketing goal. They are to build long-term relationships with your clients that contribute towards your overall content marketing strategy. High quality content creation affects various areas of marketing and branding, including blogs, email marketing campaigns and social media management. 

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