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Which CMS are you using for your website? Find out about the top 10 content management systems available and which one is best for you and your business.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-06-30 21:01:00

Content management systems (CMS) are big business right now and there are countless CMSs to choose from. Irrespective of the type of website you are currently operating, you can easily find the perfect CMS to support your website and boost its appeal.

Listed below are the top 10 Content Management Systems available. Since top CMSs are subject to opinion it is recommended to test them out first before deciding on the one that fits your own needs and your clients’ needs.

1. Concrete5

This is a free, PHP-based CMS system that is robust and flexible. It comes complete with a wealth of tutorial guides and in-depth support, though the costs in place for basic plugins and paid support are quite high if you do not host with concrete5.

2. Drupal

This CMS system is used by many large, high-profile businesses as a result of its professional features and wealth of tools. With more than 6000 add-ons it is easy to fully customise the functionality of your website, creating truly unique design and content.

3. Joomla

A number of established businesses use Joomla as the CMS for their sites, largely because of its long development history and active community of developers. In addition the site offers numerous plugins and addons, though the variety of themes is not as vast as those offered by WordPress.

4. Umbraco

Umbraco is an in-depth platform that makes it easy to management content. It enables the easy integration of Flash and Silverlight content while there is plenty of support and tutorials available to support a powerful and flexible website. Despite the advantages there is no demo version available and all add-ons must be paid for.

5. Expression Engine

This is a fully customisable CMS system that comes with highly popular add-ons and plugins such as wiki, mailing list, e-commerce and member manager. It offers strong commercial support though there is no interactive demo to test out and the costs in place are relatively high.

6. TextPattern

TextPattern is a CMS system that is often overlooked in the industry. It is exceptionally flexible, has a unique tagging system and is very user-friendly (and thus ideal for beginners). Ideal for every type of site imaginable, TextPattern is a diverse CMS system that comes complete with over 600 plugins and over 50 mods.

7. SilverStripe

This is a free, PHP-based, open source CMS system that is ideal for designers and developers who are comfortable with using code. It supports a full range of needs and is able to support multiple authors where needed. With a strong development community and around-the-clock support it is no wonder the system has been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

8. Contao

This is an advanced CMS that is ideal for in-depth editing of content. It comes with built-in modules and a complete range of additional modules. Nevertheless the back-end is a little messy and the range of themes is limited.

9. CushyCMS

This is an expedient, hosted CMS that is exceptionally easy to use. The free plan is suitable for many users while it is quick and easy to get started. That being said, the system is quite basic for large websites and email support is only offered for the paid version.

10. WordPress

Though WordPress began its life as a blogging platform, it now supports countless non-blog websites, while there are endless themes, plugins and widgets available to customise your site and increase functionality.

At 8 Ways Media we mainly work with Concrete 5 but can also develop on all the other CMS listed above.

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