Social Media Marketing Lessons from Oreo Cookie

Oreo is one of the many brands out there that has successfully established its social media presence and built a massive following. Read on to learn more…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-02-15 08:15:00

Oreo is a world-famous sandwich cookie that is developed and produced in the USA. Established in 1912, it is distributed worldwide through a variety of successful marketing techniques, including a strong social media marketing presence.

Oreo is one of the many brands out there that has successfully established its social media presence and built a massive following. Its latest statistics are:

·         Facebook: 34 million+ fans 

·         Twitter: 659,000+ followers

·         YouTube: 20 million+ views

·         Instagram: 95,000 followers 

Listed below are some top social media marketing lessons we can learn from this famous cookie:

1.       Be creative

Oreo is immensely creative when it comes to social media marketing. It uses simple messaging combined with fantastic, high-quality images to evoke interest in viewers, which results in countless likes, comments and shares.

2.       Be fun

Oreo’s Instagram page is fun, original and inventive. It uses this 100-year-old cookie as a blank canvas, placing it in the most unusual and creative scenarios that keep viewers endlessly entertained. It also incorporates quizzes, recipes and much more to keep things interesting.

Oreo marketers are clever, intuitive and infinitely imaginative, placing the cookie in the most unbelievable scenarios and maintaining our interest and desire in this edible treat. They use images and video to appeal to their wide target market, and upload on a consistently regular basis (2-3 times per week) to maintain strong brand awareness.

3.       Trigger emotions

Despite being primarily entertaining through its social media platforms, Oreo also knows how to trigger their followers’ emotions. They tracked down their fan, Lisa T., who was born in the same year that Oreo cookies were introduced, and posted a picture of her eating an Oreo cookie on her birthday.

This simple post generated more than 38,000 likes, almost 5,000 comments and 675 shares, demonstrating how something so simple can create such an emotive response amongst users.

4.       Be Innovative

Another technique that Oreo adopts on social media is to be innovative in everything that it does. It takes major events and connects them to the Oreo cookie in an emotive, entertaining and creative way that never fails to impress. For example, during the 2013 Super Bowl, the stadium experienced a 34-minute blackout during a match and Oreo was quick to send out the tweet: ‘Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.’ This real-time campaign was responsive and intelligent; resulting in more than 15,000 retweets within the space of 14 hours.   

Oreo has taught us that in order to be successful on social media you need to be agile, flexible, adaptive and extremely creative, pushing the boundaries and truly thinking outside the box. Only then will you be able to appeal to a wide target market and promote your business through social media on a truly global scale. 

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