Simple Strategies to Help you Write Better Headlines

Headlines are the first opportunity a writer gets to captivate audiences, so it’s essential that you get this bit right. Here are some simple strategies to create better headlines.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2022-09-14 09:18:00

The goal of any content writer is to successfully communicate a message in a meaningful and interesting way.

How can I write better headlines?

The first step is to try and incorporate your keyword/keyword phrase into the headline. If it doesn’t fit in a natural way, then it’s best to skip this step and insert the keyword or keyword phrase into the first one or two paragraphs of your copy.

Next you need to focus on creating titles that answer the following questions. Try to answer each question in one or two sentences:

Who will benefit from the content?

How will my content help them to find answers?

What is unique about this content?

While determining the answers to the above questions won’t necessarily generate the perfect headline, they will certainly help you in tailoring something meaningful and impactful.

The answers to these questions will also help you to craft meaningful and impactful subheadings.

Let’s look more closely at how to craft catchy, meaningful titles.

The first thing you need to do is ensure your titles appeal to your precise target audience. You should custom tailor your titles to reflect their specific interests and needs.

Here are some other tips we recommend:

Create short and sweet headlines

Great headlines get straight to the point. They aren’t long-winded or confusing, but are short, sweet and clear. Use a maximum of ten words to keep your headlines as engaging as possible.

Ask questions

Asking questions is a good way to make your headlines even more irresistible. Appeal to your audience’s thirst for knowledge by tying the question to your primary benefit.

For example:

Are you eager to discover the top 5 mistakes bloggers make?

Made a mistake at work? Read this!

Want improved results way more than expected? Try our [product]!

Use commands

Another way to entice audiences with your headlines is through the use of commands. This involves telling your audience what to do to benefit from your products or services. When it comes to using commands, it’s important to be direct. You are the expert; therefore, you are able to help them if they listen to your command!

For instance:

Subscribe to [service] and benefit from free [product/service]

Stop wasting time and money on social media. Get improved results from email!

Throw away your old mascara! This one will change your life!

Use numbers and Symbols

When a headline begins with a number/numbers, it works incredibly well when compared with writing out the number as a word.

For instance, instead of writing ‘Five Ways to Improve your Social Media Campaign’ put ‘5 Ways to Improve your Social Media Campaign.’

Creating compelling headings and subheadings seduces audiences by showcasing how your products or services will improve their lives.

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