Should you Add Twitter to your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

If you’re thinking of adding Twitter to your social media marketing strategy, read on to find out whether or not the site is right for you.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-04-01 10:31:00

Twitter is a fantastic marketing and communication tool if you are running a particular sort of business or provide content on your site and want to syndicate links. Countless businesses from across the globe use Twitter as part of their social media marketing strategy, and those businesses have experienced immense success as a result.

About Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking site that allows people to send and receive ‘tweets’ that are 140 characters or less. Founded in 2006, the site experienced rapid growth from the start, reaching 400,000 tweets by 2007. Today, the site is used by a whopping 288 million monthly active users and is valued at more than $18 billion. 

What are the Benefits of Using Twitter for Business?

1.       Identify a Community

First of all, you can identify an online community of Twitter users who tweet about specific topics or products that you are trying to sell.

2.       Contribute to the Conversation

You can also use Twitter to contribute to conversations about particular topics that relate to your industry of operation and get a dialogue going. Providing your own insights into a topic is a great way to attract more followers to your Twitter account, which will ultimately lead to more visitors to your website (who will hopefully convert into sales).

3.       Point People to Fresh Content

Furthermore, you can use the site to point people to freshly created content. Using Twitter’s ‘140 characters or less’ policy, you can succinctly summarise your latest post and incorporate hashtags to attract the right people and compel people to visit your website to learn more.

In Summary

That being said, using Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy takes time, effort and commitment. You cannot approach the site haphazardly; you need to create a thorough plan that makes your Twitter account attractive, interesting and appealing to a wide target market. It is therefore essential that you manage your account with care and use the right tools in order to boost your social media campaigns and get the right results.

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