A quick guide to local SEO in 2022

Many businesses ask themselves the following question about local SEO: Do I need it or not? Read on to discover more.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2022-09-20 09:38:00

We understand how busy you are. You time, money and energy are precious. Are you going to need more things? The answer is yes!

What Local SEO Benefits Are There?

Local SEO is beneficial to people who have a business in a particular region or area. This includes service businesses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks and construction companies.

Here are some examples:

Lawyers and Law Firms

Google displays a call button in local search results for mobile phones. This is one of the greatest benefits of local SEO.

When potential client searches for a specific type of attorney, they will get targeted results specific to their location.

Local SEO can help attorneys reach the top of their location search results. Attorneys can attach their number that can help their public to reach them.

This is because anyone who has ever been in an accident or is dealing with another issue will call the number to seek free consultations from attorneys. This is the best way to reach those clients when they need an attorney.

Doctors and Medical Practices

A lot of people search for a doctor near them or nearby when they are looking for a medical professional.

Many people don't like to travel long distances to see a doctor. They need a doctor close by who can see them regularly.

On Google, you can use the search filter [doctors nearby me] to find out more about the many benefits of this large local result pack.

Who won't benefit from local SEO?

We would love to see all businesses benefit from local SEO and be able to sell these services to more clients. However, some businesses are not well-suited for local SEO efforts.

Local SEO services are not suitable for businesses that sell exclusively online, or for private sellers who prefer to keep their personal information private.

Local Search Still Needs SEO

The Map Pack on Google displays local search rankings. However, your site's organic rank is also important.

Search engines have evolved tremendously, and SEO tactics and tricks are no longer relevant.

User experience signals, EA-T, high-quality content, links and much higher-quality UX are the new standard.

However, there are still local SEO factors that you should be aware of:

Ensure that your technical SEO is of the highest quality

Earning links can make your site stand out enough for Google

Double-checking your NAP information across multiple linking sites is a good idea

Local ranking signals optimization

Local Search can also be a voice search

Voice search is a popular way to find local information, especially now that more people have access to smartphones, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

It is easier to say "find me a doctor" or "find me a plumber" than to type it.

It’s therefore not surprising to see an increase in local queries based upon conversational voice search.

Try keyword variations that include questions if your industry is service-oriented. Also, use MOZ or Semrush SEO Tools for FAQs that can increase the hits on your site.

Mobile Search is Local Search

We know that local searches make up many of all online searches.

Mobile-friendliness is an important Google ranking factor. These facts and the mobile-first index are important for local SEO strategies.

Google has optimized Map Pack listings for mobile searches. Google will also be able to understand this through good technical SEO. It's up to you to make your website user-friendly and convenient.

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