The power of images in Social Media Marketing

Are you focusing more on text vs. images? Learn more about the undeniable advantages of using images in your Social Media Marketing!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-07-04 09:17:00

In our highly visual era consumers are being hard-hit with a huge number of advertisements and other visual distractions. As such, making content visual has never been more important as the ability to become distracted very easily is now greater than ever.

Traditional offline and online marketing didn’t need to place such an emphasis on the visual factor. Readers’ attention could be held for much longer periods of time without the fear of them becoming distracted by an unrelated yet engaging image of something seemingly far more interesting. With our phones constantly bleeping, inboxes constantly receiving messages and social media feeds filled with post after post, the ability to remain captivated by something is getting harder and harder.

In light of this, businesses have had to alter their online marketing strategies to ensure that they are able to hold the attention of their readers for that little bit longer.

The Power of Image-Centric Content

Current social media sites that have garnered immense popularity include Pinterest, Instagram and Buzzfeed. These sites are entirely based on the visual aspect and are complete testament to the power of image-centric content.

Furthermore, some of the world’s most successful and popular blogs are based on the inclusion of well-placed images. Whether these images form the focus of the article or are used to break up content, one thing is for sure – the inclusion of a number of images within a piece gives the article more chance of receiving more social shares and views.

Another prominent example is of infographics, which focus on telling a story through images with minimal words. These visual images also include a lot of statistics which have been proven to significantly engage readers.

High Quality Content Remains Essential

Although image-centric content is playing increasingly prominent marketing role, traditional text-based content will never completely phase-out. If a writer wants to get their point across they cannot do so solely through the use of images – the power of the written word is not something that can be overlooked.

That being said, it’s still evident that the incorporation of at least one or two images within a text contributes positively towards an online marketing campaign. The face of traditional marketing has changed forever and ignoring it will have major implications on your marketing campaign. 

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