Marketing Lessons from Lindt

Lindt is an immensely popular and highly successful brand, worldwide. Discover what marketing lessons we can learn from this delicious brand.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-07-14 10:19:00

Lindt & Sprungli, more commonly known as Lindt, is a Swiss-based chocolate and confectionary company. Based in Kilchberg, the company, whose origins date back to 1845, is world-renowned for its delicious, creamy chocolate that is sold the world over.

Since establishing itself in the 1800s, Lindt has gone on to experience unprecedented success as a business, and now boasts a wealth of products under its repertoire, including the Lindor chocolate ball and bar, the Lindt Gold Bunny, chocolate bars in a variety of flavours, liqueurs, petit desserts and ice cream. Lindt has also introduced Lindt Chocolate cafes, where customers can order food, drinks and desserts. In addition, it holds monthly ‘chocolate creation classes’ held in Sydney, Australia.

Year after year, Lindt’s success has never wavered. In 2014, Lindt acquired Russell Stover Candies for around $1.5 billion, standing as the largest acquisition the company has made to date. The company, though occupying a specific niche in terms of pricing, has made its niche even bigger by reaching out to the masses.

Some of the most notable factors that have contributed to Lindt’s success include:

A focus on high-quality

Lindt is renowned for its world-famous, delicious chocolate. Made from the highest-quality ingredients, Lindt uses only the finest-grade cocoa beans and combines them with carefully selected ingredients to deliver delicious results, time after time.

Businesses should always focus on quality over quantity, never sacrificing a high-quality product for the sake of saving on costs. Customers love a consistently high-quality product and many will choose the more expensive option if they know that the work behind that product is of a better quality.

Being Innovative

Around ten years ago, dark chocolate became well-known for its powerful antioxidant properties, and Lindt already had its own dark range. It consequently broadened its market share by strongly driving its dark chocolate range and tapping into consumer demands.


Despite introducing new flavours, Lindt has always been consistent in everything that it does. The famous Lindt bunny makes its appearance worldwide every Easter – a hollow chocolate Easter bunny wrapped in gold with a red ribbon and gold bell tied around its neck. At Christmas, the company also produces a Christmas-inspired collection including chocolate reindeer, snowmen, bears and bells. And while its range of unique flavours is incredibly popular, the famous milk chocolate maxi ball remains a firm favourite amongst clients.

People have come to know and love this range of items available at Lindt. As a business, you should concentrate on bringing a consistent experience to your clients, no matter what products or services you offer.

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