Marketing Inspiration from Puma

Want to find out how to market your business as successfully as Puma? Read on for some top marketing inspiration we can learn from this major brand.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-07-02 08:16:00

Puma is a German multinational company that produces athletic and casual footwear, sportswear and accessories. Founded in 1948, this billion-dollar company has a massive international following and millions of fans worldwide.

Despite struggling to compete with giants such as Nike and Adidas, Puma still manages to execute highly successful marketing campaigns that boost brand engagement and enable the company to spend more time with its customers. Read on to find out how… 

Integrates Offline and Online Marketing

Puma integrates offline and online marketing techniques in order to get as many people as possible to immerse themselves in the brand. For example, during the 2012 London Olympics, Puma developed an entire environment that enabled people to interact with the brand. It set up a place called ‘The Puma Yard’ in East London that was designed to reflect Puma’s partnership with the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt.

The Yard featured live music, Jamaican food, games and much more, and was essentially a place where people could immerse themselves in the Puma brand in a relaxed and fun environment. The Yard was incredibly popular, drawing in countless people during the course of the London Olympics.

Use of Live Streaming

Puma also took advantage of live streaming during two notable events: a fashion show and Usain Bolt’s 100-metre and 200-metre runs, which were both live streamed on and Facebook. While people were watching the runs, whether in The Yard or in their own homes, Puma live streamed them using video cloud, essentially coaxing users into having a multi-screen experience.

Creating Video using the Cloud

Puma also produces hundreds of videos throughout its regional and international offices every single month through the video cloud. The video cloud can have multiple users and regions and can push out lots of content to all the social media channels where these videos assets are consumed.

Marketing executives at Puma state that using video cloud is the best way to boost engagement with users and provide links and specific calls to action. All videos are contextualised, offering a journey for users that begins as a television advert and continues online as users are drawn further into the Puma brand.

The analytics show that the more Puma uses video the more brand engagement and the more time the company spends with its customers. For this reason, the company continues to use video as one of its primary forms of marketing.

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