Link Building: Improving your Website & your Business

Link building is an important online marketing and SEO strategy that also helps you to network with industry professionals to help your business grow.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-06-05 15:36:00

Link building is a great online marketing and SEO strategy that enables Google to see how pages from different websites are related to one another. Through linking, search engines are able to analyse how popular a website is (along with specific pages) based on how many pages are linking to them and how popular those pages are.

Some examples of Link Building

  • Blogger reviews
  • Press releases
  • Digital press releases
  • Internal link optimisation
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory submissions
  • Competitor analysis
  • Profile pages and hosted sites

Benefits of Link Building

With quality link building, your site will gradually increase the amount of links it receives from various sources as you connect with more and more viable sources. Over time, your site will rank better on search engine results, thanks to all the inbound clicks it is generating. By ranking more highly it will therefore receive more views, increasing traffic to your site and therefore improving awareness of your business, thus strengthening branding and increasing revenues.

Quality links also have a longer sell by date than traditional advertising, staying in place and continuing to bring traffic and sales. Search engines analyse the amount of time a link has been active for, so over time your link becomes more and more valuable.

Finally, quality links connect you with the right people. People swap links with one another, not websites, so if someone has taken the time to link to your site then they clearly see the value in what you do. Behind every link lies someone who you can connect with, to help your businesses grow.

How to Achieve Successful Link Building

Successful linking also comes down to hiring the right team to do the job. Good link building requires a combination of skills including creativity, logical thinking and exceptional communication skills. A successful linker also needs to be analytical to decode behind the scenes, innovative to think strategically, resourceful to find the right links and sociable to connect with the right people. Overall, this person’s goal is to improve SEO and enhance branding to boost business.

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