How Web Applications Improve the Face of your Business

A web application is an app software that runs in a web browser. Web apps are also created in a browser-supported programming language.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-05-20 18:26:00

Web applications are useful resources that help a business to increase productivity and success. With effective web applications a business can thrive and flourish as it reaches out to and appeals to a broad clientele.

A web app is something in which all or parts of software are downloaded from the internet in a browser-controlled environment. The process of building a web app is relatively long-winded and there are a number of stages involved including the most essential stage of all, planning.

For example there are many different programming languages that you can choose from in order to make your web app more efficient. However the selection process can be fairly difficult particularly if you are new to the world of web applications.

Some of the elements to consider in the planning process include:

  • Features
  • User interface
  • Flow schematic
  • Imagination!

Web apps can either be:

  • Browser-based
  • Client-based
  • Mobile web-based

As many businesses faced heightened maintenance costs, they are seeking ways to streamline those systems whilst enhance the functionality of the system and reducing costs.

Developing Web Apps: The Planning Stage

Goals, Purpose and Direction

This is a very important part of the process and involves establishing the goals and purpose of the web app project.

Researching and Defining Audience and Security Documents

This stage of the web app process involves researching your primary and secondary audience. It also involves establishing who your prospective clientele are and creating an analytical report.

Creating Functional Specifications

This is the key to the entire project and should list all of the technical specifications of the application as well as the functionalities that you intend for it to have to accomplish its goals.

Establishing design Layout, Application Interface Design and Wire Framing

Your web app needs to take into account user interactions, elements and interface to be effective. Providing a straightforward, clean and easy experience is essential in enhancing user experience and boosting the application interface design quality.

Development and Execution

At this stage in the process the developers need to draw up data variables and coding procedures. A focus on quality is needed at this point.

Beta Testing/Bug Fixing

This is the final yet most fundamental stage of the development process. This stage ensures that the web application is functioning correctly and is intended to remove bugs and other harmful features that could jeopardise the success of the app.

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