How to Repurpose your Blog Content

Looking to reuse your old blog content in clever ways? Here are 5 clever ways how...


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-08-21 10:00:00

The marketing team with the smartest content marketing strategy will implement clever techniques that enable them to reuse and repurpose their content over and over again! Everything they publish is reformatted for a new and unique way of digesting it.

Before you begin with the reformatting process, it’s vital that you choose your top content that’s performed to its greatest capabilities. There’s no need to repurpose every single piece of content you’ve ever written; if it wasn’t successful in the beginning there’s no guaranteeing that it will be well received the second, third or fourth time it’s published, so go through your best performing posts for better results.

Also, give it two weeks before recycling content from its original posting date. This gives search engines enough time to find your original post and index/rank it.

Read on for our top tips on how to repurpose your blog content…

1. Repurpose it into an e-book

If you’ve written a particularly inspiring piece of content that’s also relatively lengthy in size, then consider repurposing it into an e-book. E-books are great online marketing material and there are so many ways to promote them to drive traffic straight to your website and boost your brand’s reputation.

2. Design an infographic

Infographics possess countless benefits and are ideal in the sense that they can easily catch your target audience’s attention. They also have the power to increase brand awareness, make your content really go viral and increase followers and subscribers. Infographics are also ideal in the sense that they can turn a complex subject into something more understandable and digestible.

With so much information flowing through the internet these days, your target audience will appreciate this visual-based way of learning information. Finally, they can expand beyond the digital where they can be turned into brochures and other offline print materials to be used as part of your overall marketing strategy.

3. Create a short video for YouTube and Facebook

With more than 4 billion daily views, YouTube is an incredibly popular video-sharing platform that truly has the power to increase awareness of your brand.

Video marketing possesses endless benefits, from increasing open rates, click-through rates and conversions to enhancing your search engine optimisation success. Statistics have found that 34% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing an online video ad, while 48% of consumers say they trust online video ads. So if you’ve created a particularly popular blog post, consider reformatting it into a video!

4. Republish it on another blog

There are so many popular blogs out there with a heavy flow of daily traffic. Why not republish some of your most popular content on these platforms for an even wider audience reach? Business2Community is a great option for many business industries and with such an immense flow of daily traffic this is a great way to expand your audience following and drive even more traffic to your website.

5. Record it into a webinar, audio blog or podcast episode

As human beings we are all unique, and many of us have unique preferences when it comes to the way we digest information. While some people are very visual in the way they consume content, others are more aural, meaning that they digest information best when they hear it spoken. It’s easy to appeal to this segment of your target audience by recording audio blogs or webinars from the written content you have previously created. If you find success from your audios, consider creating regular podcast episodes.

Wrapping up

Every piece of content you create has the potential to be recycled and repurposed. With a bit of creativity and patience, you have the power in your hands to attract an even wider audience and help your content go even further!

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