How Millennials are Using Technology & Influencing the Workplace

Millennials can embrace innovation and handle technology like no other generation. Here’s a look at how this generation is changing how businesses are run…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2019-01-09 09:21:00

Millennials are officially dominating the workforce and causing businesses to rally round to meet their demands.

A recent generational shift resulted in more than half the workforce worldwide becoming millennials. And these millennials are behaving very differently from other generations…

Four behavioural shifts that were identified in working millennials are:

1. They are self-directed. They yearn to be self-empowered with an objective, and accomplish their objectives however they want to.

2. They do not like to be constrained or forced to work within any confines. For instance, they do not want to be told what to do with a new piece of software, or how to work with it.

3. They are extremely collaborative, but not as competitive. They like to share best practices.

4. They are exceptional multi-taskers.

Millennials are also engaging with technology in different ways. First of all, technology is completely encompassing their life and work experiences, and they are the most tech-oriented generation. They wake up in the morning and go to sleep with their smartphones within 1 – 3 feet of them. Every aspect of their lives revolves around their smartphones.

Millennials are extremely trustworthy of technology and optimised machine learning, and are completely willing to provide personal information with the promise of an improved life. They share data with companies in exchange for improvements to their lives (via predictable optimisation.) For instance, when they share their current location, they will be told the optimal way to get to work.

Data enables businesses to dig and analyse behavioural trends and how people are influenced by what is happening in their environment and around them. And as millennials move into leadership roles, more and more of this trust will be transferred to the corporate level.

With 80% of millennials arguing that technology at work makes it easier to perform their tasks, over time, this increased trust will lead to enhanced workforce optimisation, space optimisation, and countless new technologies designed to predictably optimise the workplace. As such, businesses need to overhaul their tech to create a strong, inspired, long-term workforce of the future.

Gearing technology towards millennials

One example of a company that understands the needs of millennials is InsideSales, a revolutionary Sales Software Company designed to improve sales lead management. InsideSales recently created an entirely new product specifically geared towards millennials. The product, PlayBooks, allows millennials in sales to work more efficiently, save time and enhance sales in a process that is specifically tailored to the way they interact with technology. It works by following sales representatives wherever they are surfing on the internet, allowing immediate access to critical sales resources, regardless of which website they are on or how many browser tabs they have open.

More and more tech giants are discovering the benefits of AI technology and big data, including its ability to unlock human potential. And while there is always this fear amongst employees that technology will take over jobs, this should certainly not be a concern, at least not for the foreseeable future. Instead, thanks to apps such as Playbooks, sales teams will be better equipped and informed than ever before, enabling them to do their jobs in the most powerful and effective way imaginable. And this isn’t something that we should hope for or look forward to in the future – it’s all taking place right now.

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