How to Improve your Email Marketing Response Rates

This guide teaches you how to improve your email marketing response rates by segmenting your email campaigns into email lists.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-04-15 07:53:00

 Want to improve your email marketing response rates but aren’t sure how? A great way to do this is to break up your email marketing list into segmented groups. This involves sending out specifically targeted information to certain subscribers depending on the information they provided you with when signing up.

What is Email Marketing Segmentation?

Email marketing segmentation involves dividing up your email list into segmented groups. Though you will undoubtedly send out emails to everyone on your email list from time to time, you will also send out specific emails to a singular group from time to time.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing Segmentation?

Segmenting your email campaigns ensures that your subscribers aren't inundated with emails that they won’t be interested in. For instance, if you are a clothing company that wishes to promote your latest duffel coat but have some customers who have already purchased the coat, there’s no point including them on this email list.

Likewise, if you have a sale on but some customers have already bought in on the sale, why include them in your latest Sale campaign? This will make them feel as if you are inundating them with unnecessary emails.

Another benefit of segmented lists is that it enables you to specifically target readers who are interested in just one area of your business.

How to Segment your Email Lists

Obtain Information

The first step in creating segmented email lists is to obtain information when subscribers first sign up. Ask a few specific questions, such as job title or address. You can also include an empty box that enables subscribers to type in exactly what they are interested in.


The next step is to analyse the effectiveness of your email campaigns. How long are readers engaged with different emails for? Do they delete certain emails immediately but stay engaged with others? Are they more responsive to certain subject lines?


New subscribers should be rewarded with a special first-time offer – however this is the sort of email that an active customer should never receive. Likewise, active customers should be appropriately rewarded with exclusive offers and deals that new clients aren't aware of.

Segment Selectively

Although the process of segmenting email marketing campaigns can be effective, it can also become confusing and messy if you segment your lists too much. Also, you do not want to risk missing out on potential sales by eliminating any subscribers from a list. 

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