How has Toblerone Maintained Brand Awareness over the Decades?

Toblerone is a world-famous, century-old chocolate bar. Find out how this chocolate giant has maintained international brand awareness over the decades.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-06-22 07:59:00

Toblerone is a world-famous chocolate bar owned by the American multinational confectionary company, Mondelez International. Produced in Bern, Switzerland, it is the last chocolate still produced in Switzerland as all other Swiss chocolate is now produced in developing countries.

Toblerone was created in 1876 by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann, and has therefore been around for more than 100 years. The secret recipe, which is unchanged since it was first developed, includes milk chocolate, nougat, almonds and honey merged into its distinctive triangular shape. The triangular shape is thought to represent the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps while the image of the bear which can be seen in the mountain symbolises the town of the chocolate’s origin.

After gaining its patent in 1909, Toblerone experienced rapid success as a family favourite chocolate bar, standing out from the crowded Swiss chocolate market thanks to its distinctive flavour and shape.

Following the Second World War when ingredients such as cocoa and milk had been rationed, Toblerone successfully marketed itself and by 1963, the chocolate bar was being exported to more than 100 countries.

Toblerone is today available in more than 10 flavours including white chocolate, dark chocolate, filled chocolate and fruit and nut. This highly popular chocolate bar is a brand that millions of people can associate with.

Available in 122 countries worldwide, it is commonly associated with airports as 25% of all Toblerone chocolate bars are sold in duty-free shops. Marketers at Toblerone have built upon the brand’s strong associations with Switzerland, and airport retail remains a major focus for this million-dollar brand.

Despite being one of the oldest chocolate brands in the world, Toblerone has not been afraid to embrace technological and societal changes. The company has active and popular social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, using the platforms to engage users with a combination of entertaining, informative and interesting posts. Toblerone is also highly responsive, answering all questions and queries with a combination of humour and honesty.

Toblerone has retained its popularity and success as a result of its consistency, iconic design and stylistic properties that appropriately fit the brand’s values and attributes. Despite being over 100 years old, the brand has never veered from its distinctive shape, packaging and logo. Over time, this incredibly simple approach to marketing has enabled the brand’s packaging to transcend the chocolate category and maintain its appeal as one of the most popular and exciting chocolate bars in the world.

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