How to Earn Loyalty from Customers in the World of Local Business

Here you will find our top tips for local business owners on how to attract and retain customer interest in your brand and earn consumer loyalty


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-06-30 10:20:00

Treating your customers with care is fundamental if you wish for them to return to your business on a regular basis (which, of course, you do!) but if you and your staff are not trained in the art of empathy and exceptional customer care, you can pretty much guarantee that those customers who dared to venture into your business are very unlikely to return again.

Listed below are our top tips for local business owners on how to attract and retain customer interest in your brand and earn consumer loyalty:

Superior staff

Your team of staff need to know absolutely everything there is to know about your brand – and more. They need to make customers feel welcomed and comfortable, but also in a position where they can ask a wealth of questions and gain meaningful, insightful responses.

Customers value the expertise of knowledgeable staff and are far more likely to return to that business on a regular basis if they feel that they can gain consistent, helpful information, every time they visit.

Proven training

You cannot expect your staff to offer superior service to your customers if they are not properly trained. Each of your employees needs to be passionate about your brand, and that can only begin with exceptional training. Your team of staff also needs to be treated exceptionally, where their opinions are valued and they are well looked after. If you treat your staff well, their passion and enthusiasm for your brand will naturally shine through.

Superior quality of products or services

Many customers nearly always place an emphasis on quality over quantity, choosing businesses that care about every element of their product or services offering. If you can refine your products or services and truly make them stand out from the crowd, you will be far more likely to earn loyalty from your customers. Be sure to emphasise why your products or services outshine the competition by educating your customers and enabling them to experience the difference.

Superior atmosphere

One of the worst things you can do as a business is offer a poor atmosphere. Whether it’s too dark or loud or your staff are following customers around like puppies, these are things that truly put people off, making them want to leave your store immediately in favour of the competition.

Create a superior atmosphere with soft lighting, calming music, beautiful interiors and helpful staff who also know how to keep their distance. Ensure your store is sparkly clean and highly organised; your products should be easy to find and laid out in a visually appealing manner. Finally, make the shopping experience personalised by getting to know your customers by name and treating them to an occasional free treat. These little touches go a long, long way in enabling you to earn long-standing loyalty from your customers. 

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