How to Craft a Marketing Strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Here are 5 ways to develop a focused and professional Internet of Things marketing strategy!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2019-03-20 09:35:00

Internet of Things Network

Every marketer knows how important to be aware of big technological changes. These changes must be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy so that it is effective and successful.

When it comes to IoT for marketing, there are two keys to keep in mind: connectivity and specificity. The ability to connect all these devices to the cloud (and each other) leads to benefits such as accuracy, efficiency, real-time communication and convenience. Strategies need to target these aspects of the experience for customers. In addition, all of these efforts need to be extremely specific in their message and timing.

One of the biggest benefits of the IoT is that there is so much information available information out there, meaning that it’s so easy to stay informed.

With that in mind, here we bring you 5 factors to keep in mind when it comes to marketing for the IoT:

1. Be relevant and specific

Internet of Things marketing has to answer a specific question or offer a specific solution to a problem. It’s possible to do this when using tactics like beacon-powered marketing, which uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology to push information to nearby devices. This type of marketing enables you to send shoppers a coupon based on where they are in a store.

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2. Use actionable data to your advantage

For things such as media buys, we no longer need to try and predict which sites customers are going to in order to see the ads. We are able to stay well informed because this sort of behaviour is now tracked for us. The better the data, the better crafted campaigns can be, driving even more engagement from customers.

Whether that involves structured data in a table or more loosely-structured data, making sense of IoT data (and using it to your advantage) will make a huge difference to your upcoming marketing strategies.

Data can also help you to develop targeted ads that are 100% relevant and beneficial. They reach the customer directly, as and when they need then, which means that banner ads and pop-ups are no longer needed!

3. Only use data people are comfortable sharing

The IoT gives marketers a glimpse into how people use their devices in correlation with other IoT devices, and is therefore an intimate look at customers’ behaviours in their home and on the go. As such, it’s vital that you use this information sensitively. Don’t send a message that makes it seem as though you’re stalking the user! The key is to be helpful, not intrusive.

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4. Always keep customer service in mind

The IoT customer service experience should also holistic and open-ended. It should be offered in real time, but also in a pre-emptive manner, ensuring solutions are offered to problems before they arise.

For instance, let’s say a printer’s ink cartridge is about to run out. Pre-emptive customer service will involve shipping an ink cartridge out the customer, before the ink runs out. This kind of service is not intrusive in any way, and is the perfect way to deliver value to the customer whilst developing long-term customer relationships.

Businesses should not be afraid to discover new concepts and connect with their customers on truly meaningful levels!

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