How to Avoid Getting a Google Penalty

Google is renowned for making countless algorithm updates which can make companies nervous. Follow these top tips to avoid a Google penalty.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-06-24 07:49:00

Google is renowned for making countless algorithm updates which can unnerve even the most accomplished marketers. Many online marketing strategies have suffered as a result of a Google update; however the purpose of an update is not intended to derail you as a business.

Google’s algorithm updates are in fact designed to help you refine and improve your website. As such, instead of being afraid of receiving a Google penalty (and applying less effort to your marketing strategies as a result), it’s better to implement some measures that will save you from such a worry.

Listed below are some of the worst SEO activities you can perform that will quickly result in you getting a penalty:

Getting involved in link farms

Link farms are bad news for your business. They are manipulative and can land you straight into Google’s penalty box, so avoid them at your peril (read more on link farms here).

Hiding Text

Hidden text involves keywords written in a tiny font that are the same colour as the web page, thus blending into the site so that site visitors cannot see them, but enabling them to be indexed by Google nonetheless. Also known as cloaking, this is a very unethical SEO approach that will soon get detected.

Keyword Stuffing

This is a classic and quickly detected activity that is a clear signal of ranking manipulation. Instead, it’s better to opt for ethical SEO practices that will generate top results, such as high-quality content creation, organic keyword placement and high-quality backlinking.

Duplicate Pages

Google’s advanced algorithm is able to detect duplicate pages on a website and only indexes one of these pages, rendering the duplicate pages as obsolete. As such, there is simply no point in duplicating content on your website, or even copying text from another site, as you will automatically become redundant.

Guest Posting

Although guest posting still possesses its benefits, it’s best to avoid guest posting too often. This is because it can have a negative impact on your link profile and often results in too many links coming from one source. In addition, many people continue to guest post, which is another reason why Google could devalue links from guest posts. When you do guest post, include contextual links to boost your ranking power.

How to Avoid the Penalty

Have a strategy in place that incorporates relevant links since sites with relevant backlinks are less likely to get penalised by Penguin. Also, make sure your website is well designed with a properly branded, appealing layout. Finally, include a physical address and contact telephone number on your site, as well as social media profiles on relevant platforms.

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