How Art & Marketing are Linked

Like marketing, art is ever-changing and pushing the boundaries. Read on for our insights into how art and marketing are two interrelated concepts.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-07-17 08:48:00

Like marketing, art is ever-changing and pushing the boundaries. For instance, contemporary art encompasses countless different forms, from traditional media including paintings and drawings, to more recently developed approaches involving digital and time-based media to create pieces of art that combine both sound and image.

Marketing is much the same. Traditional marketing techniques involved placing an ad in a newspaper or other form of print media. If budgets allowed, you may have been lucky enough to publish a television ad. You could also resort to radio or a two-dimensional billboard. Businesses rarely branched away from the traditional forms of marketing, and because the internet had not yet kicked off, these techniques continued to work for the time being.

Pushing Boundaries

Nowadays, marketing efforts have changed drastically and advertisers are adopting cross-marketing techniques in an effort to appeal to their target market in a unique and memorable way. Some of the many methods include social media marketing, video creation and infographics, to name but a few.

But it doesn’t stop there. More adventurous marketers are exploring unexpected avenues in an effort to surprise audiences and remain in their memories for longer.

Take the 2014 Adidas World Cup campaign.It blended live television with physical print advertising, 3D content, social media and video to create a truly immersive marketing campaign that was also highly successful.

Likewise, during the 2012 London Olympics, sports brand Puma combined live streaming, video creation, social media marketing and experiential marketing to engage audiences and heavily involve them in the brand. By the end of the experience, audiences felt as if they had lived and breathed the Puma brand to the extent that they felt heavily affiliated with it.

Technology Changing the Face of Marketing Forevermore

The internet has massively changed the way that businesses market and promote themselves. No longer is it acceptable to stick to traditional forms of marketing and expect them to work. Today, businesses need to think outside the box to stand any chance of making an impression on consumers.

Like any artist, you have to innovate and truly push your brand down various marketing avenues if you wish to stand a chance of shining above the competition and gaining a seat in the spotlight. Competing for the limelight in our highly digital, fast-paced environment can be tough, but by being as creative and inspired as possible, you can appeal to a massive target audience of loyal, committed followers who are devoted to your brand.

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