Email Marketing: How to Grow your Business & see Results

Though email marketing is gradually dipping in popularity, it remains an effective and powerful marketing tool if executed correctly.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-05-29 11:57:00

Email marketing is regarded by many as an old-fashioned online marketing approach that should be replaced by more contemporary techniques such as social media management, search engine optimisation and even targeted SMS services. Many businesses believe that email campaigns no longer play an important role in boosting sales.

Despite the fall in popularity of email marketing, it does in fact have the ability to outshine countless other offline and online marketing strategies if executed correctly. Read on to learn more…

Is Email Marketing a Powerful Tool?

Combined with HQ content creation, email marketing can be a very powerful marketing tool, in large part thanks to social media. This is because it has the ability to shift a conversation about your business to thousands of personal inboxes, which can consequently be shared with friends and family through social media networks at the click of a button.

This technique is also exceptionally cost effective. Emails are free to send and can be sent at the click of a button to thousands (if not millions) of subscribers, spreading your message across the globe within moments.

Establishing your Campaign

In order to be effective and worthwhile an email campaign needs to be correctly executed. It first needs to be created using high quality content creation that is designed to appeal to the specific audience it is being sent to.

Your email campaigns should always take your business’ branding into consideration. Your voice needs to be heard through the email so that the reader can relate to your brand, encouraging them to take action by clicking from the email to your website.

Finally, each and every campaign created needs to have value to the reader. Through your email campaigns you should be able to build solid relationships with your audience as you share important, useful information with them. There is no point sending an email campaign that will leave the reader confused or disappointed.

In Summary

The ultimate aim of an email marketing campaign is not simply to get your email opened, but to get the reader to click from your email to your website and take action. Further still, your intention as a business is to get readers to share your campaigns with people they know to boost your client base and enhance revenues.

It is very important to tread carefully with email campaigns. Never overwhelm subscribers with email after email as this will only encourage them to unsubscribe. Instead, focus on high quality emails that serve a purpose. From here, you will see results within no time.

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