Cultural Branding – the Secrets to Success

Cultural branding is a branding strategy that many businesses fail to take note of. Read on to learn about the power and value of cultural branding.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-02-25 08:16:00

Regardless of the type of business you operate it is essential to have positive branding that exudes an accurate message to current and potential clients. With effective branding, you will achieve a significant edge within your industry and thus excel amongst the competition.

What exactly is Branding?

Your brand is your promise to your clients. Through your brand strategy, you essentially explain to your clients what they can expect to receive from your services or products, which ultimately differentiates you from the competition.

Finding your brand starts with establishing who you are and who you want to be as a business. There are endless ways to enhance brand awareness. Whether you wish to avoid online advertising completely or take it by the horns, there are countless advertising strategies that play a unique role in boosting brand awareness and improving image building. You can either take advantage of them all or ignore them completely.

Building Brand Awareness – the Biggest Secret to Success

The biggest secret to strong brand awareness lies in carefully cultivating a genuine, powerful team of employees who believe in your message and in your brand. With the right team of employees, your brand’s values will be perfectly advertised, and the branding message will gradually filter from current clients to potential ones.

With a solid team of staff, you can guarantee a natural passion and energy for your goods or services. Whether in a face-to-face setting or through over-the-phone/email customer support, clients who use your brand will relish the positive support they receive from your staff and will undoubtedly spread the message.

With the all-pervasive, real-time nature of social media it is all too easy to receive rapid feedback within the blink of an eye, and a negative tweet about a bad experience with your company can do serious, long-term damage to your brand. As such having a strong, committed team of employees is a vital offline and online advertising tool that should never be ignored.

Creating a Positive Corporate Culture

Many marketing experts assert that branding and culture are two sides of the same coin – with the right culture, other factors, such as excellent customer service and passionate employees, naturally occur, ensuring that a positive impact on your brand is perceived through and through.   

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