Content Marketing for Law Firms

Are you a law firm without a content marketing strategy? Read on to discover why countless law firms are using content marketing to engage with their clients.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-10-23 08:01:00

Over the years, the number of law firms dedicating time and effort to a content marketing strategy has gradually increased. Of the firms interviewed in Greentarget’s 2014 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, 25% reported they had a documented content strategy in place while 47% stipulated that although there was no current content marketing strategy in place, there were plans in the pipeline to implement one.

Content Marketing Instead of Traditional Advertising

Law firms are notoriously affluent. The costs in place to receive even the most basic of law services are excessive, and a growing number of law firms are investing a portion of their profits into content marketing – instead of opting for traditional advertising services.

For instance, well-known law firm, Goodwin Procter, have a news and publications section that they publish on a regular basis as well as blogging about intellectual property issues. Other law firms, including Covington and BakerHostetler, are blogging about data privacy, Intellectual Property and more.

According to the research, the list of firms creating online content is greater than the list of firms that are not, however, there are implications when it comes to law firms creating content.

What are the Challenges Facing Law Firms?

The biggest challenge facing law firms is how they approach content marketing. This is because lawyers are notoriously opinionated and knowledgeable about countless topics and industries, particularly their areas of expertise.

This can make it challenging for them to create content that non-lawyers can understand and relate to. The content that is created for law firms needs to be interesting, insightful and empathetic. It needs to connect with the reader in order to engage them, providing them with high-quality, journalistic style content that’s honest, fair, accurate and credible.

The primary goal of the lawyer is to write content that serves its audience – not advertises law services. This will enable a firm to become distinguished amongst the competition whilst demonstrating its expertise in an increasingly saturated market.

Law firms should also create content that broaches the latest laws, cases and bills, then discuss what implications these might have on their clients. Then, the important work is to get that content published and shared.

Reaching out to your Audience with LinkedIn

The best way for a law firm to get its content marketing seen is to publish it on LinkedIn. Law firms have a weak presence on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, so stick to LinkedIn if you want to reach out to your target audience. Countless lawyers are logged on to LinkedIn on a daily basis.

If you are publishing content on LinkedIn, ensure that your profile is regularly updated. Publish your own content in addition to content published by other law firms, as well as any other content deemed relevant or interesting.

Finally, play an active role in law groups on LinkedIn. This will give clients the opportunity to communicate directly with you, which is a great branding strategy as it bridges the gap between the client and the firm.

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