Content Marketing Inspirations from 2014’s Adidas World Cup Campaign

Want to learn how to create content that generates positive long-term results? Read on to learn about the highly successful 2014 Adidas World Cup campaign.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-09-11 08:01:00

Adidas is an internationally successful corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, accessories and clothing. Founded in Germany in 1924 by Adolf Dassler, this billion-dollar company now services millions of clients worldwide.

Adidas is a highly successful company with consistently exceptional content marketing strategies. For the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Adidas developed a highly successful and memorable content marketing campaign with the strapline: ‘all in or nothing.’ This campaign, which took a year to develop, rallied millions of international fans, giving the brand a solid personality and reputation.

So what lessons can we take from the 2014 ‘all in or nothing’ campaign? Read on to find out…

Create Emotion

The ‘all in or nothing’ campaign is a classic example of creating emotion in viewers. The first video advertisement released was powerful, showing scenes of well-known footballers during training and contrasting those scenes with scenes of them entering the pitch and playing a live game. An Adidas football also plays a key role in most of the scenes.

As we enter the last half of the video, there are then scenes of spectators from all over the world (commentators, in the audience and in the streets), passionately and emotively watching over the game. Once the key players eventually score their goals there is cheering and celebration, and in the final clip, viewers are told to make a choice: all in, or nothing?

Collaborate with the Best

Instead of depending solely on their team, Adidas partnered and collaborated with people that were able to help the company to be the best version of itself. Adidas partnered with Kick TV, who possesses high football and broadcasting knowledge, to develop reactive content that would successfully engage with the right audience and set the company up for the long-term. The end result was a highly engaging strategy that was enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

Focus on all Platforms

This particular campaign was also executed across all platforms, from physical print advertising to video content, 3D content and social media. As such, each and every piece of content marketing was designed specifically for the platform it was going to be featured on and the specific audience it was going to be viewed by – an approach that Adidas still adopts to this day. Today, you simply cannot ignore the power of digital marketing within your content marketing campaign. Instead, you need to be completely responsive and up-to-date with the latest technological innovations.

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