Content Marketing: How to Get your Content Read & Shared

High-quality content marketing is a great way to boost brand awareness. Read on to learn how to increase the number of views & shares your content receives!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-04-23 07:51:00

When you write an article, blog post or other form of content, your ultimate intention is to get that content read and shared, however this can be very difficult to achieve. In a social-media heavy era where a heavy percentage of people are constantly plugged in to their mobile phones, the competition can be very high.

But getting your content read and shared is a fantastic way to spread the word about your business, boost your client following and improve brand awareness. Therefore, effective content marketing is a very important business factor.

Listed below are 3 important techniques that will get your content read and shared:

1.       Keep it Simple

Your content marketing strategy should be very simple. There’s no need to overwhelm your readers with endless stories and information in one post: this is the perfect way to disengage the reader and lose their attention.

Instead, focus on just one story or theme. Clean up the clutter, distractions and fluff so that your reader can flow with ease from the beginning to the end of your article feeling as if they have gained and accomplished something. This is far more likely to result in more shares and is also a great way to build positive brand awareness.

Another technique that encourages simplicity is to ensure that you have a clean, straightforward web design with plenty of white space and images.

2.       Be an Industry Veteran

Another way to develop an effective content marketing strategy is to build a loyal following through the creation of high-quality content that is interesting, useful and accurate. Over time, your readers will come to view you as an expert in your field who provides helpful, insightful content.

3.       Appeal to People’s Desires to Connect with One Another

Through your writing, you need to give people a reason to share articles. Appeal to readers’ hearts. For example, if you create products for women then you could write a piece on how selfless mothers are. This will spur mothers to share the content with other mothers. Appealing to readers’ hearts is the ultimate way to boost views and shares. 

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