Choose the Right Keywords in 3 Simple Steps

These 3 crucial keyword tips will help to improve your search engine optimization, boost your Google ranking and enhance your chances of being found online…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-08-18 10:53:00

Keywords remain crucial when it comes to promoting your business and increasing your ‘searchability’ on Google and other search engines. If you don’t incorporate keywords into your content, how can you expect to be found amongst the competition?

Listed below are 3 crucial keyword tips to improve your search engine optimisation success and enhance your chances of being found online…

1. Opt for keyword phrases

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on individual keywords instead of keyword phrases. When you do this, you cut out a massive opportunity to be found by online searchers.

As an example, let’s say you are searching for clothes online. You’re not going to type the word ‘clothes’ into the search engine, as this will bring up countless useless results. Instead, you’re going to refine your search in accordance with what you are looking for, whether that’s ‘clothes for petite women,’ ‘smart clothes for the office’ or ‘workout clothes for women.’ Take a step back and truly assess what products or services you provide, then create content containing your dominant keyword phrases.

2. Avoid vanity keywords

Instead of using vanity keywords, instead opt for keywords that are more specific but less competitive. Vanity keywords are broad, highly competitive keywords such as ‘marketing.’ Instead, you need to refine your choice of keywords to something more particular, such as ‘marketing your small business’ or ‘marketing for small businesses.’ Using specific long-tail keywords targeted at your precise target market is far more viable – and effective – than opting for something extremely competitive.

3. Repeat where necessary

It’s easy to become confused by the concept of keyword/keyword phrase repetition. For sure, within a single page of content it’s necessary to repeat your keyword in an organic and fluid way to ensure it gets picked up by search engines, but you may also wish to mention that keyword/keyword phrase on other pages of your site, as long as it is within meaningful, contextualised and valuable content. For example, if you’ve just written a page about the workout clothes for women that you offer, there’s no point in including, ‘smart clothes for the office’ on this page, as this phrase has no value within this context.

Finally, there are plenty of tools available online to help you in your quest for the perfect keywords, including Google AdWords, Google Trends and Keyword Tool. Find the keywords that your audience is using in Google’s search box before creating your content.

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