Can Mobile Applications Transform the Face of your Business?

Mobile apps are changing the landscape of many businesses and as such you should seriously consider investing in a mobile app to boost business.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-05-22 18:52:00

Mobile phones are dramatically taking over how we do things, and are being used by millions of people from across the globe of all ages and backgrounds. Mobile applications have the power to transform the way your business works and as such should not be ignored by businesses that wish to flourish.

Mobile applications are changing the landscape of many businesses. They have the power to do so many positive things, giving you the opportunity to boost branding, engage with current and potential clients and encourage users to revisit your goods or services – thus boosting customer loyalty.

For example, if you run a small company in the hospitality industry (e.g. a restaurant), you can use a mobile app to help your customers:

  • Find out what events are taking place on a given day/night at your restaurant
  • Access your food and drink menu listings
  • Make a reservation
  • Share your events, promotions of special offers with friends, thus gaining you more business

Despite the power of mobile apps, a recent report has found that just 4% of businesses are using mobile apps to help them with business operations. Considering how many people are using tablets and smart phones to perform even the simplest of activities, this is a very low statistic. People are using mobile phones to communicate and interact on so many different levels and businesses should not ignore this.

Irrespective of the low figures, the future looks very bright for mobile applications. Businesses from across the globe are slowly but surely realising the power that mobile apps can bring to a business. Within the next two years businesses from all walks of life will be developing mobile apps that have been customised for their company’s varying functions.

The rise in mobile apps for a full spectrum of business functions is a solid trend that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore (unless they want to wipe out an entire group of potential clients).

As such it is essential to develop a unique mobile app that is interesting, effective and visually appealing. This will give your business the competitive edge it needs to boost brand awareness, enhance image building and reach heightened levels of success.

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