Branding your Business: How a Brand loses its Shine

The branding process is a timeless one that must be well maintained to remain effective. This article outlines how to avoid losing out in the branding process.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-04-24 11:32:00

Once your business has been successfully branded and is bringing in a steady stream of clients, this is the time to take action. Never allow yourself to become complacent in business or in branding: competition is always rife and once you have attracted your clients with a successful brand strategy your goal is to retain them with an interesting brand management scheme that stands the test of time.

Below are some tips to avoid if you want your brand to maintain its shine:

Arrogant Attitude

Since most markets are highly saturated with competition it is essential to keep up with the fast pace and ensure that your products or services remain of the highest quality possible. Never let your business develop a negative, careless attitude as this will detract new and current customers alike. The image building process is a lifelong one that takes time and effort. Always ensure that you are producing high quality products or services that match high quality, professional customer care.

People care a great deal about the level of customer support they receive from a brand: high quality care is what people remember. We are living in an age where the ability to share news and information is instant. Satisfied clients are more likely to share their positive experiences on social media platforms, thus raising awareness of your brand on a global scale. Likewise, a negative experience can quickly go viral, sharply dropping the popularity of your business within moments.

Boring Approach

In keeping afloat of the competition and maintaining brand awareness it is also paramount that you remain interesting and fresh. Whether you are a running a fast food company, producing cleaning detergents or are running a software company, the key to remaining competitive is to create new and exciting products with the passing of time.

For example, marketing geniuses behind the laundry detergent, Tide, developed a marketing strategy that remains effective to this day. This strategy involved introducing a minor tweak to the brand every 60 to 120 days, such as changing the shape of the bottle, adding a scent, changing the lid and so on. This ensures that the consumer remained interested in and committed to the brand.

Keeping the Branding Process Alive

Failure to be interesting when maintaining brand awareness keeps clients from coming back for more. Irrespective of what type of business you operate, the key is to keep customers curious and interested. You don’t necessarily need to be innovative in order to be effective.

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