Boosting your Business’ Potential with Web Analytics

Web analytics is a powerful online marketing tool that gives you the opportunity to find out vital statistics about your website that will help it to flourish.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-06-04 20:48:00

More than 55% of all websites are using Google’s web analytics to improve the efficiency of their websites and increase sales. In Europe, 61.8% of websites are taking advantage of Google analytics, while 60% of U.S based websites are using it and more than 66% of South American sites are doing the same.

There are countless reasons for this. With advanced web analytics you can find out important facts such as:

  • How much traffic to your site is changing on a week-by-week basis
  • How many new and returning visitors you are currently having
  • How your users are interacting with your content
  • How your users are sharing your content through social media sites
  • How well your organic search results are scoring
  • Single page view visits

Further to the above, detailed web analytics tells you how successful your SEO campaigns are (currently) and how effective your high quality content creation is. Further still you will learn vital information pertaining to the success of your email marketing campaigns, to establish any changes that need to be made.

What are the Benefits of Great Web Analytics?

Great web analytics enables you to discover important information including who has visited our site, where those visitors came from what their key demographics are.

Further to the above, great web analytics enables you to see which individual pages have been used by browsers and at what time of day, night, week or month. With the right marketing activities and social media management you can use this information to your advantage, attracting your target audience at specific times of the day, night, week or month when you know they will be more likely to view your content.

With web analytics you can considerably grow your business over time. Using the data that you receive from the analytics you will be better able to boost lead generation and develop a reactive sales technique that appeals to the heart of your clients. This in turn contributes towards positive branding and brand awareness, which ultimately takes your businesses to more profitable heights.

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