Ben & Jerry’s: Marketing Lessons from this Famous Ice Cream Brand

How has this famous ice cream brand remained so popular over the years? Read on to learn about some of its exceptional marketing strategies.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-08-03 11:45:00

Ben & Jerry’s is an American multinational ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet manufacturer that sells its products across the globe including in Morocco, Japan, Italy and Sweden, to name but a few. Founded in the USA in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, it soon went on to become a million-dollar company, and today the brand generates around $240 million annually.

So what is it that makes Ben & Jerry’s so loved and admired the world over? Read on to find out…


The Ben & Jerry’s brand is famous for its delicious, creative flavours including the world-famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour as well as Cake Batter, Cheesecake Brownie, Truffle and Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch. Another one of its most famous flavours is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, which contains chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, caramel and fudge.

The company is continually pushing boundaries when it comes to ice cream flavours. Last year it introduced its new ‘core’ flavours, which feature a column of flavouring in the middle (such as Nutella or raspberry jam) surrounded by one or two flavours of ice cream. For example, the ‘Hazed & Confused’ flavour features a Nutella centre surrounded by chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with real fudge and hazelnut pieces. The flavours have experienced immense success.

Market Segmentation

Ben & Jerry’s never compromises on quality. The brand has remained within the upper scale of ice cream marketing, competing based on product quality rather than price or convenience. The brand focuses its marketing efforts on targeting clients who have unique flavour preferences and high-end ice cream tastes. So instead of marketing its products towards the masses, it marketed its products towards people who cared about great tasting ice cream.

Quality of Execution

Although Ben & Jerry’s has been around for more than 30 years, it has never changed its quality of execution, which focuses on high-quality ice cream, high-quality services, unique flavours as well as a great environment to spend time in when enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in one of its establishments. The brand combines attention to detail with exceptional execution and service.

Social Media Marketing

Ben & Jerry’s also uses social media marketing to promote itself and remain in the spotlight. It has active social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, which have thousands of devoted followers. Its web design is also highly interactive featuring news, recipes, campaigns and much more to keep customers engaged with the brand.

Customer Experience

This world-famous brand treats its customers with great care, always cultivating its current relationships whether online or in-store. It delivers truly memorable experiences for customers, thus ensuring more fans and followers over the course of time. The brand also listens carefully to its clients and has introduced many new flavours based on feedback from followers.

Summing Up

In a highly competitive business environment, it has never been more important to focus on quality and listen carefully to what your clients want. By treating your audience with care and offering them a memorable experience, you can be sure to improve your marketing strategy and better your business.

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