The Art of Clever Branding

Successful branding is all about getting your target market to see you as the only company that can provide a solution to their problem. Read on to learn more about clever branding.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-06-22 07:43:00

More than simply a logo on your website, a brand is the way a business shares itself with the world and builds relationships. Clever branding is all about creating an identity system that’s strategic, flexible and consistent – from your logo right through to brochures, advertisements and more.

To be a clever brand you need to successfully promote yourself across a number of landscapes. It’s no longer acceptable to have an outstanding offline marketing strategy, but no presence online. Likewise, it’s no longer acceptable to have an impeccable web design that isn’t compatible with mobile. Staying relevant and technologically savvy has never been more critical in remaining ahead of the competition.

Why is Branding so Important when it comes to Marketing?

Successful branding is all about getting your target market to see you as the only company that can provide a solution to their problem. A good brand therefore:

·         Clearly delivers a message

·         Confirms your industry relevance and credibility

·         Connects with your target market on an emotional level

·         Motivates them to buy

·         Cements loyalty to your brand

To be successful as a brand it’s essential that you understand exactly what your customers and prospects want from you as a business. This will enable your brand to lie within the hearts and minds of your customers, clients and potential clients.

Branding is therefore incredibly important when it comes to marketing your business. As such, it’s essential to spend time and energy on crafting your brand to appropriately reflect your business. As a business you simply cannot afford to be without a brand, because your brand forms the foundations of your marketing communication.

About 8 Ways Media

8 Ways Media is a leading branding and web design agency situated in Geneva, Switzerland. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, 8 Ways Media understand the importance of a successful branding strategy that appeals to the right target market and generates the right response.

The team of creatives at 8 Ways Media work closely with each and every client to devise a compelling brand strategy that is persuasive, enthralling and exciting. Using their knowledge, experience and technological expertise, you can guarantee the implementation of a successful brand strategy that attracts the right clients, increases conversions and boosts sales.

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