AI Won’t Replace Marketers! Here’s Why

There will definitely remain a role for marketers in the future, despite the influence of Artificial Intelligence on businesses. Here’s why.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2019-03-27 08:36:00

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AI has revolutionised the customer experience in so many ways. From full facial recognition in hotels to automated customer interactions, there is very little limit to what AI can when it comes to marketing.

Thanks to machine learning, marketers can now predict and shape consumer behaviour like never before. Thanks to data mining, we can now discover patterns in large sets of data to personalise the customer experience so that engagement improves, more people are converted and e-commerce revenue increases.

But just because AI is so powerful, doesn’t mean that marketers need to worry. There will always be a role for marketers in the future, even as AI evolves. Here are some of the many important things marketers will always need to do in the workplace…

1. Developing strategies

Marketing automation has freed marketers from having to carry out repetitive tasks. Now that behavioural triggered emails and product recommendations are automated, marketers have more time to focus on areas like strategy.

2. Cultivating brand culture

A brand’s culture encompasses the shared values of the people behind that brand. It is the passion that employees live, breathe, maintain and spread, and is something that simply cannot be replicated by a machine.

Customers know an authentic, passionate brand when they see one, and whether or not a company has state-of-the-art machine learning or not, this is something that technology cannot put a price on.

3. Interpreting results

While machines are fantastic at producing incredible reports and results, these reports tell us nothing without being interpreted. Humans are able to analyse these results in ways machines simply cannot, and without the keen eye of a human behind some fascinating results, who knows what important information will get missed?

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4. Creative edge

While AI can be used in countless ways to help businesses succeed, one way in which it will never be replaced (we hope) is creatively. Can AI write, edit and design? Can it use simile and metaphor, or creative a message with a double meaning behind it? For now, the answer is definitely no. Human creativity is insightful, intricate and nuanced, with many layers to it. It simply cannot be replaced by a machine.

Branding and marketing in the workplace

Branding and marketing are 2 key areas where humans will always be needed. Consumers love a brand that they can truly connect with on a deep and meaningful level and in a way that resonates with them.

Some of the world’s most successful brands have clear strategies based on communication, connection and identity. These brands understand human needs and how to meet those needs. And machines definitely cannot achieve this.

As a marketer, your role remains valued and important. Technology is here to augment and complement your role, not replace it.

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