7 Easy Steps to Increase your SEO Rankings

These 7 simple-to-implement SEO steps will boost your site’s search engine rankings, helping you to increase traffic to your site and beat the competition.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-05-03 10:32:00

Showing up high in search engine results is one of the most crucial ways to boost traffic to your website, promote your services and sell more goods. Follow the top tips below to improve your SEO and increase your website’s search engine rankings:

1.       Never Change Domain Names

Changing your domain name is bad SEO behaviour. Google prefers older, more established domain names, so the longer you’ve had your domain name for, the better. If you are a brand new website that is just starting out, think twice before changing your domain name. It can take close to a year to start showing up in search engine results, so be patient.

2.       Optimise Content for your Readership, not Google

Though optimising content for SEO purposes is crucial, so too is optimising it so that it appeals to your target audience. Write from the heart, not for Google, using honest, evocative language that your readers will find interesting and appealing.

3.       Perform Extensive Keyword Research

When writing content you need to insert a number of keywords into your web pages and articles to boost your SEO rankings. This can only be achieved by performing extensive keyword research using tools like Google AdWords and WordTracker. These tools show you what words people are searching for in certain industries, and give you suggested words that you can use within your text to boost rankings.

4.       Produce Keyword-Specific Pages

Choose a number of keyword phrases that are applicable to specific pages and include those phrases within the body of your text. Don’t focus on just one keyword or keyword phrase throughout your entire site, but on a handful. Each page of your site needs to contain specific keywords and keyword phrases so that you can boost your chances of ranking highly on numerous keywords.

5.       Make your site Linkable

Your site will be judged by search engines by the number of links leading to it, so make sure your site is of a high enough quality to be linkable. Focus on creating high-quality, compelling content that is presented in a user-friendly, superior way. This will boost the chances of other people and businesses wanting to link to your site. Over time, you will be able to build up the number of sites linking to yours in an organic way.

6.       Label all Internal Links and Images

All internal links and clickable images need to be labelled as descriptively as possible. This will boost the chances of your site being found in search engine results and your images being found when people search through Google Images.

7.        Ensure your Site is ‘Crawler’ Friendly

Make your site crawler friendly by having clean, high-quality links. Avoid links within Flash or JavaScript as crawlers cannot follow them. Also, ensure that all links appear in the cached text. This will help search engine’s crawlers to collect information about your site to make it rank appropriately. 

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