6 Things That Make Your Site Seem Untrustworthy: Part II

In part I of this guide we brought you 3 factors that make a site seem untrustworthy. In part II of this guide we bring you 3 more factors that make a site seem untrustworthy.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-12-07 18:21:00

In part I of this guide we brought you 3 factors that make a site seem untrustworthy, including poor web design, lack of information and overly complicated information. People want a straightforward, enjoyable experience when they visit a website; this encourages them to stay put for longer and ultimately buy your products or services. 

In part II of this guide, we continue the theme with a further 3 factors that make a site seem untrustworthy:

4. Poor spelling and grammar

Poor spelling and grammar is immediately off-putting to visitors, demonstrating that you lack the attention or initiative needed to operate a thriving business. Poor spelling and grammar also says to your customers that you are haphazard when it comes to the main areas of your business, and tells potential customers to tread with caution.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to maintain a professional website brimming with high-quality content. If you don’t want to hire a writer in-house, you can easily outsource a professional whose primary goal is to update your website with fresh, well-written copy packed with the right keywords. No website should contain poor spelling and grammar; there are simply no excuses.

5. Lack of reviews

A site with no reviews is very off-putting to visitors. It communicates to potential customers that you lack experience and worse still, do not have any happy customers. To overcome this, reach out to some of your customers and ask them to provide a review or customer testimonial on your website.

If you don’t want to include this information on your site you can easily include testimonials on your social media pages. Facebook has a very straightforward feature where customers can leave a review or simply highlight the number of stars they would give your business. Reviews automatically tell old and new customers alike that you are a busy, responsive business. You could also ask your customers to leave reviews on sites such as Yelp or Twitter.

6. Outdated information 

Perhaps your website has plenty of information on it, but that information was written a number of years ago. A website’s content needs to be fresh and regularly updated; if your site only has a few pages on it, make sure those pages are regularly edited to remain as up-to-date as possible.

You may also wish to incorporate a blog on your website as a place to bring in fresh copy. This not only gives Google more pages to index (thus enhancing your chances of ranking higher), but also shows your visitors that you are a veteran in your industry. Provide fresh, unique content that captures your audience’s attention. See here for more blogging ideas and inspirations.

Summing Up

As you can see there are countless ways to reach out to your audience with a trustworthy site that’s beautiful, interesting and resourceful. Don’t let your website slip through your fingers; focus on providing them most value-added browsing experience to attract more customers and boost sales.

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