5 Steps to Maintaining a Great App on Google’s Play Store

Properly maintaining your app on Google Play is essential to avoid it getting removed. Here’s what to do – and what not to do, to optimise yours.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2019-05-01 08:17:00

Play Store Apps

Developing a mobile app and publishing it in the app store may seem like a daunting prospect, but the bigger mission is keeping it alive on the app store.

In 2018, more than 500,000 apps were taken down from Google’s Play Store due to violations of the Google Play policies. Google has systems in place to detect faulty apps, repeat offenders and deceptive developer networks. This means that anyone who violates the terms of service in any way will be removed from the Google Play store.

Google has emphasised that the possibilities of installing a faulty or damaging mobile app from the store has almost become impossible. However this doesn’t mean that Google will stop carrying out checks.

Some factors that will get an app removed include:

Objectionable content such as insensitive, racist, violent or sexual content

Apps impersonating already existing or well-known apps

Harmful apps designed and offered for download with the goal to steal userspersonal information and details

In order to keep your app alive on the Play store, it is important to:

1. Review your apps

Each week or month, it is vital that you review your app to ensure it is performing optimally. If there has been a fall in the number of downloads and views of the app, then there is probably a problem with it. Also, check the comments for any inappropriate content, and remove it immediately.

2. Optimise your app for the App Store

To ensure your app is optimised for the app store, it is recommended to hire mobile app development experts, who will take care of keywords, metadata, titles, graphics and more.

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3. Keep an eye on what other developers are doing

How are other (good) developers presenting their app on the Play Store? What are they publishing? Keep afloat of the latest activity and trends to ensure you are acting appropriately when it comes to maintaining your app.

4. Respond quickly to reviews

Whether positive or negative, always respond to users’ comments. Even if the comments were negative, remain polite and positive in your response, and also try to come up with a solution. This reflects positively on your brand and even will encourage others to consider your app.

5. Enhance the user experience

What new inputs can you add to the app or your page to improve it? Consider:

Removing ads

Improving the consistency in your design

Refining the functionality of the app

Testing it for bugs or improvements

A great app means a great business. Your mobile app is a representation of your business; therefore it needs to be amazing. When you properly maintain your app on the play store, you will be positively maintaining your brand image. This will help you to generate more customers, improve revenue and encourage growth.

Is your app up-to-date?

In a world where people turn to apps on a daily basis, it is essential that yours shines. At 8 Ways Media, we know what it takes to create a truly successful mobile app. Contact our web development team today to put your ideas into action.

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