5 Lessons we can Learn from Social Media Marketing

Social media has definitely evolved over the years, and is now a very important marketing strategy. Read on for 5 lessons we can learn from social media.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-07-09 07:47:00

There are so many ways to improve our social media marketing campaigns. We can gain a great deal of inspiration simply by looking at what other brands, past and present, have successfully and unsuccessfully done. Statistics also show us what works and what doesn’t, though trial and error is always a great learning tool. 

Listed below are 5 important lessons we can learn from social media marketing:

1.       Visual is Key

Visual forms of media are integral to expanding your online presence and reaching out to a wider audience. Without images, you will struggle to effectively communicate with current and potential clients and keep them interested in your pages.

2.       Content remains King

Despite the prominence of the visual, content is still king. If your social media campaigns lack interesting, informative content, you will not be able to maintain the attention of your audience for long. Using catchphrases and simple wording combined with perfect spelling and grammar, you will be better able to appeal to a wider audience and maintain their interest for longer.

3.       Becoming an Industry Expert is Vital

Becoming an industry expert across your social media pages makes your readers perceive you as an industry veteran who can be trusted upon as a source of information. People love to resort to an industry expert as a source of information, and this is a great way to appeal to more followers and expand your target market.

4.       Security is Paramount

Internet safety is a growing area of concern and as such, it is vital that you use your social media platforms securely. Not only are secure passwords essential, but you should also adjust your privacy settings to the highest settings and never discuss any personal matters through your pages.

5.       Branding and Web Design are also Essential

Yes, social media marketing is important, but only when done correctly. There’s no point in having Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts if you don’t interact with your followers and post engaging content regularly. Likewise, you need to focus on marketing strategies such as branding and web design, which are equally as powerful in attracting and maintaining the interest of a wide, relevant audience.

Social media should therefore be used in combination with other techniques in order for it to have the strongest impact possible. Provided you master a number of marketing aspects successfully, you will be able to continually grow and expand as a business. 

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