5 Important Questions to Ask when Developing Buyer Personas

To create successful marketing campaigns, you need to know your customer inside-out. Here’s 5 questions to ask when developing buyer personas.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-01-28 08:18:00

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your current clientele. Every business needs to create a buyer persona; the more detailed it is, the better. This is because the creation of an in-depth buyer persona will enable you to develop the most precise, targeted marketing solutions imaginable.

For instance, in order for us here at 8 Ways Media to create blog content, social media content, email marketing newsletters and other forms of marketing, we need to know and understand our precise audience. This in turn enables us to create content tailored specifically to this audience.

If you’re not yet sure who your exact audience is, fear not. This guide is designed to help you develop in-depth buyer personas with the assistance of 5 important questions:

1. Who are your buyer personas?

The first question to ask here is “who are your buyer personas?” who is your ideal client? What are their primary characteristics? For instance, where do they work? What’s their age bracket? What sort of careers are they in? Are they primarily male or female? Also, gain an understanding of the sorts of things they do on a daily basis, such as their daily activities and personal preferences. Finally, what are their personality traits?

2. What are their needs?

The next question you need to ask is, “What are their needs?” You’ve set up a business in order to address the needs of a specific target audience, therefore you need to understand what their exact needs are, and what problems they have that you need to solve. What products or services do you provide that your ideal client is in need of? How do these needs affect your ideal client and their day-to-day lives?

3. What does your ideal client value most?

Once you have established who your audience is and what are their needs, it’s time to determine what these individuals value most. As a business you need to figure out exactly how you can excite your ideal client by offering them a service that is guaranteed to entice them and appeal to them.

4. How can you solve their problems?

Your ideal client is looking for a solution to their problem, and you need to portray your business as the most ideal option to deal with this problem. You need to provide specific products or services that offer tangible solutions to your clients’ problems.

5. Where do they go for information?

Finally, you need to establish where your ideal client goes when seeking a solution. Do they go straight to Google? Or their preferred social media platforms? Do they open up a print newspaper or magazine? Do they turn to others for advice? Determining where your target client goes for their information will help you to develop very specific, tailored marketing strategies, which will lead to happier customers and more sales

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