5 Brilliant Marketing Lessons from Successful Brands

Brilliant marketing is all about standing out from the crowd audience. Read on for our top 5 truly brilliant marketing lessons!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-12-04 07:55:00

Brilliant marketing is about standing out from the crowd and remaining in the memories of your audience for many months to come. Read on for our top 5 truly brilliant marketing lessons!

1. Use Guerrilla Marketing

Most businesses today adopt the typical marketing strategies available including social media marketing and traditional content marketing. But by stepping outside of your comfort zone you can truly appeal to a wide target market and compel them to remember you for many months to come.

Guerrilla marketing is one of the easiest ways to remain in the memories of your target audience for a long time. It involves immersing your audience in your brand by offering them a sensory experience that they simply cannot forget.

2. Stay Current

Remain afloat of the latest political, social and economic goings-on to truly boost awareness of your brand.

For instance, during the USA midterm elections, President Obama accused the opposing party of “standing, watching us, sipppin’ on a Slurpee” and later joked about hosting a Slurpee Summit at the White House.

The international convenience store, 7-Eleven, took this as an opportunity to promote its Slurpee drink by creating the Slurpee Unity Tour, which consequently resulted in immense publicity and countless sales for the brand.

Keeping afloat of current affairs is a great way to significantly boost awareness of your brand and increase sales. And with the prevalence of social media, it's very easy for a simple tweet or post to quickly go viral and reach a massive audience. 

3. Be Exclusive

When Spotify launched in the USA, it sent out a limited number of invitations, controlling the number of free subscribers available. This in turn boosted demand for the service as people clamoured to get a piece of the action. The buzz surrounding Spotify launched it into the American limelight, and today it has millions of monthly users.

4. Have a Conversation

A brand that engages in dialogue with its followers will do far better than a brand that chooses not to speak directly to its audience. U.S. based eco-friendly cleaning products company, Method, went straight to its customers for help endorsing its products. Up against major laundry detergent brands, the company asked its customers to record videos of themselves using Method’s laundry detergent to demonstrate how the small bottle can be used for 50 washes. The advert was a massive hit, leading to a 68% increase in Facebook fans and countless sales.  

5. Solve a Problem

When Apple released the iPhone 4 it aired a series of adverts promoting Siri, the voice-driven assistant. Demonstrating how Siri makes your life easier, the adverts were a massive hit and the phone sold a massive 1.5 million units on its first day of release.                                                                                            

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a sure-fire way to boost awareness of your brand and grow your sales. In today’s highly competitive, ultra-aware society, being innovative has never been more critical to stand out from the crowd.

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