4 Email Marketing Campaigns You Should be Sending

Email marketing is a quick and powerful way to compel your audience. Follow the 4 email marketing tips listed below to take your business to the next level…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-02-06 08:48:00

Email marketing is a quick and effective way to reach out to your target market and there are plenty of ways to take your email marketing to the next level. Listed below are 4 crucial emails your business should be consistently sending to your subscribers:

1.       Welcome Email

This type of email marketing welcomes new email subscribers. This is the perfect way to establish a positive relationship with a new subscriber and is a technique that every business – regardless of size or reputability, should be doing.

Welcome emails should be informal in tone, easy to digest and conversational. They should make the new subscriber feel like a new member of your family, and should be aesthetically appealing with a combination of attractive images and plenty of paragraphing. You may also wish to consider incorporating a discount or other incentive.

2.       Promotional Email

This type of email is intended to promote a product or service, usually with the call-to-action being to make a purchase. Promotional emails should be abundantly clear in their intentions – even if the recipient fails to read the content, they should know exactly what the email is about just by looking at it.

Focus on attracting the recipient’s attention to one area of the promotional email.  For example, if you are having a 50% off sale, ensure that the ‘50% Off’ text is clear, bold and very eye-catching so that your reader knows exactly what you are promoting.

3.       Newsletter Email

A newsletter email is an excellent way to boost brand awareness and develop sterling relationships with your followers. Make it clean and visually appealing with plenty of images and digestible text. Also, make sure your contact information and social buttons are clearly displayed in the email.

Keep the content interesting, useful and valuable. The purpose of your newsletter is not simply to promote an offer or a sale – it’s to help your customers learn more about your business and perceive you as an industry expert.

4.       New Inventory Email

This approach to email marketing is very specific, as its purpose is to tell your customers about your new products with the hope of making a sale. As soon as a new item arrives in stock, be sure to create and send out your email. Your focus here is on aesthetics, so you’ll need a fantastic shot of your latest product to entice the recipient to click through.


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