4 Benefits of Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Google Analytics can help you to drive higher quality traffic to your website and boost your ROI. Read on for some more top benefits of using Google Analytics.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-11-24 09:47:00

High quality content creation is a critical component of your website’s SEO success. But content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes plenty of effort, energy and adjustment to attract customers, win them over and impress search engines.

The process of achieving the above can take a bit of time, but with tools such as Google Analytics you can learn plenty about your content marketing strategy and adjust it accordingly.

Listed below are some of the top benefits of using Google Analytics for content marketing:

Find out where your traffic is coming from

Google Analytics allows you to collect in-depth information about the traffic that’s coming to your website. Where are your visitors finding your content? Is it through organic searches, from social media posts, or from paid ads? Perhaps you guest blog on another website and are gaining a lot of traffic from here. Wherever your traffic is coming from, it is important to know this so that you can refine your strategy and focus your efforts primarily in these areas.

How long are people staying put for?

It’s all well and good having visitors to your website, but how long are they reading your content for? With Google Analytics you can find out how long people are spending on individual pages. This gives you better insight into what’s interesting and what’s considered less interesting. From here, you can create content that is similar in nature to the most popular posts.

What are people searching for on your site?

Google Analytics also enables you to establish what people are searching for on your website (if your site features a search facility). This shows you what your clients are seeking from your content and gives you ammunition to create more content based on those search criteria.  

Fine Tune your Website

Google Analytics also allows you to fine tune your website, as you can analyse the effectiveness of individual pages and improve pages that are performing poorly. This in turn will bring you more high-quality leads, which will improve your overall return on investment.

Closing Thoughts

Google Analytics opens up a whole world of information about visitors to your website. By using Google Analytics for content marketing you can improve your SEO rankings, drive higher quality traffic to your website and boost your return on investment. 

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