3 Ways Negative Customer Reviews can Crush your Local SEO & Sales

Think online reviews are meaningless? Think again! Here we breakdown the impact of negative reviews on your business…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-06-27 08:32:00

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Before deciding whether or not to engage with a brand, most people typically check reviews of that brand on websites such as Google+, Facebook or Yelp.

Now, although this can be very stressful for businesses to stomach, the hard truth is that in an age where information is accessible to us at the click of a button, people do check this information first, and according to one study, 86% of people are hesitant to purchase from a business that has poor reviews and a negative online reputation.

One of the worst things that can happen for your business is to receive one negative review after another, so it’s essential to remain on top of reviews – whether genuine or fake.

Below are 3 ways that negative reviews can impact on your rankings on Google and possibly, your sales too:

Too few Google Stars can ward off clickers

When you search for a business on Google, one of the first things you typically see is their Knowledge Graph, particularly if you are performing your search on mobile, where the information box takes up the entire screen.

This graph displays information such as company name, phone number, website URL, opening hours, menu if they’re a restaurant, and much more (see here to learn more). Also, if your business has received enough Google+ reviews, three of those reviews will be displayed here.

Here, a big golden score from 1-5 is displayed with matching stars beside that score. This score is easy to spot, standing out to users and influencing their decision as to whether or not they will engage with your business. Therefore, it’s essential that you work on increasing your star rating, aiming for at least a 3-star rating to improve your business success.

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Negative comments on travel apps deter walk-ins

Most people turn to TripAdvisor or Yelp whilst travelling, and that’s because apps such as these provide plenty of information, such as places to eat, local attractions and things to do. These apps use current location to display local businesses, with the highest-ranked locations gaining top position. Reviews also matter too, as when people are on the go in an unfamiliar location, reviews can make all the difference when it comes to deciding whether or not to visit a local business.

As such, reviews about your business definitely matter and it’s vital that you do everything in your power to build up as many positive reviews as possible. Deal with negative reviews diplomatically, as and when they arise, and encourage satisfied customers to kindly leave a review.

Poor reviews can drop sales

When a potential customer is about to make a purchase, one of the last things they will do is seek out bad reviews. This is because they want to compare your product or service with the next best option. This means that it’s vital to have a positive online reputation. No, you cannot always avoid negative reviews, but you can respond proactively and authentically. Also, if you’ve receive a few too many negative reviews, take them on board, listen to what your customers are saying and consider making the right changes.

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