3 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Ads

Are you looking for more economical ways to reach your targeted audience through Facebook? In this article, you'll learn about three techniques and tools for optimizing your Facebook advertisements.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2022-06-06 08:00:00

1. Collect Demographic Data to help you target your advertising

Many businesses believe that they are targeting a large group of individuals like "working professionals."

While every working professional may be able to benefit from your products or services, you must limit your target market to a certain subset of people to help market your product more efficiently.

If you do not narrow the market you're targeting, your message will be a broad one and is unlikely to attract many people’s attention.

For instance, if you're selling a slow cooker and your target audience includes "everyone," the most you can do is inform people about the advantages of the cookware and the ease of cooking an easy meal with little effort. However, while you may experience some purchases, you probably won’t generate many, as there will not be much incentive to buy.

However, if you restrict your market to single working dads, then you will need to create a tailored and specific ad that promotes the slow cooker by telling dads they can cook an entire meal as they collect the children from day care and return home to a delicious meal.

Here are some practical methods to narrow your options:

· Include gender on your checkout page for your products.

Understanding the gender of your intended market is particularly important. It's not unusual for companies to have a majority female clientele, yet they market towards males. If you're not sure which gender belongs to your audience, you must find out.

· Utilize a third-party service to obtain specific demographic information on those you email.

For instance, you could send TowerData the file of the contacts you exported from your CRM. They'll look over that data following your preferred data sets and provide you with more information about those contacts. This is an excellent opportunity to understand more about your customers and improve your Facebook advertising target.2. Utilize Demographic Information to Create Ads that entice the attention of your target audience.

Utilizing Facebook is a great way to encourage multitasking, rapid scrolling and scattered thoughts as users absorb tiny pieces of information from numerous news feeds within a minute. In this environment, it is possible to keep a person's attention until the next shiny item pops up. The method you use to grab a person's attention will affect their experience as a client. When your Facebook advertising strategy is based on luring users into the fold with pictures and phrases irrelevant to your company, you won't be able to make many sales. Here's how you can craft your advertisements to appeal to the right audience. Create Offers that Support the Strategic Goals

Certain businesses offer huge discounts to drive sales. If your advertising plan is to advertise your coaching webinar, which normally costs €397 with a time-limited deal of €5, the majority of clients you attract will only last for the offer. If you aim to sell the cost of a monthly coaching program, you're not likely to achieve it by trying to lure people in by offering a deal of €5.

3. Segment Clicks from Facebook Ads to Determine Conversion

If you're advertising on Facebook and using an automated CRM to monitor clicks, you must be segmenting every person who visits through your Facebook advertisements.

When your customers respond to questions or download an offer for free, you need to be able to segment and label your customers to determine if they will eventually purchase or not.

The only way to determine whether your Facebook advertisements are effective is to know the amount of Facebook clicks that have turned into sales.

If your business isn't making leads through Facebook, it's time to get started immediately.

It's likely to be less expensive and simpler to make Facebook ads connected to your Facebook page. However, send people to your site to find leads interested in your business. This way, you can give them something valuable as a reward for email addresses.


The key to success is narrowing down your target group and attracting your audience's attention in a manner that's authentic and relevant to your company. The more targeted and focused your marketing strategies are, the more likely you will be able to engage with your current and potential customers since your content and ads are pertinent to the people you're targeting.

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