3 Things David Bowie Can Teach us About Successful Marketing

David Bowie was a musical genius, legend and artist who sadly passed away earlier this year. Read on for 3 things he can teach us about successful marketing.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-02-12 08:15:00

David Bowie was a musical genius, legend and artist who sadly passed away earlier this year. Through immense creativity, originality and individualism, David Bowie achieved great success as a musician, actor and artist, accumulating countless awards and international fame as some of his many guises.

David Bowie was not afraid to push boundaries and challenge conventional norms. He was always seeking ways to be different; he explored different genres, generations and even genders and through his forward-thinking, individual and explorative nature, he was able to create outstanding music that remains some of the greatest art the world has ever known.

Bowie had an incredible charisma about him and people of all ages and generations loved the work that he produced. Every area he worked in, from music to film and fashion, was highly eccentric, unconventional and well-received, and in an age when marketing has become all about statistics, data and science, Bowie can teach us an awful lot about stepping away from the expected and approaching marketing in a unique and unsafe way.

Read on for some top marketing lessons we can learn from the legend that is David Bowie:

1.       Think outside the box

Bowie was miles ahead of everyone else and even stated in a 2000 interview with Jeremy Paxman that the internet is responsible for “a new demystification process going on between the artist and the audience,” and that “the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable”. At that time, statements such as these seemed hyperbolic, but today we can see that Bowie was indeed correct about his predictions regarding the internet. He also used the internet to his full advantage to connect deeply with his followers and maintain a strong connection.

As a business, you need to stay on top of the latest technologies and try to foresee trends so that your business is always ahead of the game and always at the forefront of its industry. Your clients will feel like they have discovered a distinctive, irreplaceable brand that is well worth following and using.

2.       Focus on Quality

Bowie was known and loved across the globe while his incredible, complex and outstanding music spanned generations. From his lyrics to his use of instruments, everything about his music was deep and thought-provoking, keeping his fans constantly compelled throughout his career and always waiting on his next project in excitement and anticipation.

Within your marketing, you should always focus heavily on quality. It’s not about churning out blog after blog, tweet after tweet or email after email; it’s about ensuring that each and every piece of marketing you create is carefully curated with your precise target audience in mind. Bowie understood that loyalty to his fans always had to come first, and by placing the needs of your clients over and above everything else, your brand will truly stand out from the crowd in a heavily saturated marketplace.

3.       Don’t stop trying

Even right up to the point of his death, Bowie continued to make music. Music was his life and so too should your business be your passion. If you live and breathe your brand, people will sense this dedication and will naturally be attracted to your business. Customers can tell when a business is passionate about what it does and this sort of marketing will keep your customers loyal, devoted and continually on their toes.

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