3 Important Marketing Lessons we can Learn from Samsung

Want to learn how not to market yourself? Read on for some important marketing lessons we can learn from Samsung.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-05-25 07:44:00

Technological innovations have made it difficult for many businesses to keep up with the ever-changing pace. Samsung, though a successful brand, last year reported that it has lost its leading market position in Indian and Chinese smartphone markets. With constant competition from Apple along with India’s Micromax and China’s Xiaomi, the company has experienced some difficulties keeping its head above the water.

Although Samsung might be stepping on vulnerable territory at present, there is a lot we can learn from this brand’s current positioning…

Have a single target market segment

Samsung is vulnerable in the sense that its target customer is near-enough everybody out there. Instead of focusing on appealing to a specific target market, it is spending time, effort and money on appealing to everyone and defending itself from a constant battle against the competition.

Have a Clear Brand Positioning

Another concern with Samsung is that it does not possess a clear brand positioning. If you own an Apple iPhone, this says a great deal about you. To contrast, if you own a Samsung, it can be difficult to associate that handset with a specific personality or character.

As a brand it’s essential that you appeal to a very specific target market. If your campaigns are successful and appeal to a wider market, fantastic; if not, remain focused on your specific market segment so that you can create a direct positioning for your brand.

Be Consistent

Consistency is something that we are passionate about at 8 Ways Media. By being consistent in everything that you do, you can continually appeal to your client base and ensure that they perceive you as a brand with strong values.

You should be consistent across all channels and mediums, including social media marketing, content marketing and branding. This will give customers something clear and obvious to associate with.

Samsung Turning Itself Around

Despite its vulnerability, Samsung remains a popular product of choice and continues to successfully market itself to millions. Thanks to moments such as the famous Oscars Selfie, which got retweeted 2 million times, Samsung gained an immense level of publicity that you simply can’t put a price tag on, and has since managed to maintain its popularity and appeal with a wide international audience. By learning to stand out from the crowd and market yourself in the most unique and interesting way possible, you can increase brand loyalty and boost sales to brand new heights. 

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