3 Email Marketing Lessons you Can Learn from Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s most powerful e-commerce sites. Read on for 3 amazing email marketing lessons you can learn from Amazon.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-04-26 09:12:00

Amazon is an internationally recognised e-commerce website that now generates more than $2 billion per year thanks to its innovative cloud computing services (Amazon Web Services). This powerhouse, founded in 1994, is renowned for its fantastic email marketing campaigns that are unique, clever and interesting.

Amazon understands the power of an effective email marketing campaign. The company quickly discovered the importance of a well-crafted email and can certainly teach us a thing or two about improving our approach to email marketing:

1. Track all Customer Activity

Your Amazon homepage is unique to you because Amazon constantly tracks every move that you make and customises your homepage accordingly. You will find your name in the corner, news tailored specifically to your preferences and a shopping cart that remains active across browsing sessions.

By tracking what your customers do you can use the data to determine their interests and create emails that are based on their interests. Clients love personalised emails and are more likely to follow through with a purchase if they feel valued as a customer.

2. Streamline Everything

Keep everything clean and streamlined. Eliminate any obstacles when sending emails to your clients to make the experience as rewarding as possible for them. Keep your emails specific and direct so that the client is fully aware of what they are expected to do upon receiving your email. This will increase the chances of the client completing the call to action.

For example, when Amazon wants you to review a recent purchase they will send you an email with the subject line: ‘Review your Recent Purchases’. You are not requested to do anything else except review the product. This is an excellent example of streamlining everything.

3. Be Consistent

Another thing that Amazon does extremely well is to bring consistency within emails. Their emails are analogous with their web design which creates a completely holistic experience for the customer. For example, their email campaign designs and content are very similar to how they would be presented on the website. This creates trust between the company and the client which contributes positively towards more sales.

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