3 changes in iOS 13 that Product, Marketing and Technology Teams Need to Know

Check out the latest changes to Apple’s iOS 13 – and how they could affect your business…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2019-10-23 21:18:00

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Last month, Apple released the latest version of their popular operating system, iOS (along with the rebranded iPadOS) to its vast clientele worldwide. This is the 13th generation of iPhone and iPad software to be released, and it comes with some notable changes that may impact your app and business. We are Swiss experts in IOS & Android mobile development.

Outlined below are 3 changes to iOS 13 that technologies and marketers need to take note of:

Privacy Changes: Bluetooth Access

The first privacy change for iOS 13 is Bluetooth access. Prior to iOS 13, apps could access your Bluetooth stack and look for iBeacons or other Bluetooth signature – without your explicit permission. This sort of passive location monitoring meant that apps were able to determine your location based on the Bluetooth devices you were passing.

Because of this change, it’s important that your app or any SDK that your app uses does not require Bluetooth unless you absolutely need it. If you do need it, be sure to ask your customers (nicely!) with a well-articulated prompt at all appropriate time.

GPS Tracking

Apple is changing the way that apps request other private information, such as Location Services for GPS. One of the new Location Services prompts includes a new “Allow Once” feature, where your customers can choose to only grant access to their GPS location once. This feature could mean that customers are more willing to give you temporary access to their location, however it’s important to bear in mind that access to this feature will soon expire and cannot be relied upon in the future.

One of the bigger changes to iOS 13 is that after a few days of usage, iOS lets you know which apps have been accessing your location in the background, even showing you dots on a map of how your location is being tracked.

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Silence Unknown Caller

iOS 13 will silence calls from an unfamiliar number. The updated system now shows up unknown calls as missed calls, without even ringing your phone. This is a fantastic feature for avoiding irritating phone calls from telemarketers or wrong numbers – everything goes straight to voicemail.

In a world where we are receiving phone calls from wrong numbers and call centres all the time, this is a fantastic feature for consumers. However, businesses that use phone calls to communicate with their customers will need to get creative to overcome this roadblock.

One such option is the “Call Me” feature that many apps offer, which avoids having customers wait on hold. Call silencing uses Siri Intelligence to scan through emails and messages for known numbers that are not in your contact list.

While this feature isn’t fool proof, it still enables businesses to reach their customers. there is also the option to send a text message, Push Notification or in-app Note to let them know they can call you.

Are you aware of these iOS 13 changes?

These are just some of the biggest changes coming with iOS 13 but there are plenty more to look forward to, including improvements in Share Sheets and removed limitations on cellular downloads from the App store.

All of these changes will have an impact – big or small – on how you craft your apps and you’re your customers use them. Above all else, having a strong connection with your customers is essential in making all of the above much easier, and in maintaining positive brand awareness.

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